Monday, October 31, 2016

Mato 25th day at my parents' home (2016/10/31) / Mato 実家25日目

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Halloween wasn't that big in Japan when I used to live here.  Now it seems like it became a huge event.

Japanese love to put costumes a lot from anime culture and I guess halloween fits perfect :p

Actually, I went to the disney land with my friend and her kids.  During this halloween period, people are allowed to put some costumes and enjoy the stay in the park.  My friend and her kids had some Mickey mouse, Donald Duck, and all these disney related character costumes.  It was sort of last minute thing for me so I put some cape and make-up pretended like a witch.  

Really fun but my friend and I had not enough sleep last night and had to drive about a coupe of hours each way and walked whole day long in the park.  We were pretty beat...


私がまだ日本に住んでる頃はハロウィンはまだこんなににぎやかじゃなかったけど 今じゃかなりでかいイベントになったのね〜。アメリカの本物とは違うけど。

日本人ってコスプレ好きだから コスチュームを着れるイベント事なんてそりゃ浸透するわなぁ〜(笑)


ということで 私の友達とその子供 でディズニーランド!

楽しんだは楽しんだけど 友達も私も寝不足に長距離運転 一日中歩き回ったからお疲れモード。

Anyways, today's Mato.

Before I left home early this morning, we played together by doing like play-tag and hide-and-seek sort of thing :)))



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  1. お土産は~? マトマト...トマト!!