Sunday, October 9, 2016

Mato 3rd day at my parents' home (2016/10/09) / Mato 実家3日目

Walk with mom in the early evening.

ママは着物のイベントがあって早い時間いなかったから 夕方ママとのお散歩〜!

Playing with Jay in the garden.  The one in front is Jay.  He's a miniature pinscher.

お庭では ミニピンのジェイと遊んだり。2人とも仲良く黒くて赤い首輪してるけど(笑) 手前がジェイで 草の上にいるのがマト。

Seems like Alex, the Sheltie, came back from the walk with dad.

Earlier today all three of them were playing in the garden together :)

Btw, when my brother and I were in Japan around this time last year, we put fences around the house so that the dogs can run freely in the garden and around the house.  That's why the garden is like a little dog park ;)

I'm thinking to make one more dog park kind of space in the field behind the house so dogs can run even in larger space... I hope I will have enough time to do it during the stay in Japan.



ちなみに去年のちょうど今頃日本に行った時に 弟もちょうどいたから一緒に家の周りにフェンスを張って犬たちが自由に庭やら家の周りを走り回れるようにしたので 庭はちょっとしたドッグランになってます!(笑)

今年は 日本にいる間に裏の畑にドッグラン作りたいと思ってるけど時間があるかなぁ・・・。

Do you remember the mess Mato made yesterday and I told my mom to get toys or wood sticks for him to chew on?

Mom picked a stick on the walk and took it home.  Mato loves it!

Yep, it gets messy, too, but this is 100 times better than messing up the wall paper ;)

I just remember that we used to pick up some sticks on the walk and baby Kaiya chewed on them at home.

Cleaning was a pain in the ass and daddy didn't want me to pick them up any more ;p

そうそう 早速ママが散歩の途中で木の棒を拾ってきてあげたら だいぶ気に入ったみたい。

これはこれで掃除が大変だけど 歯磨きにもなるからね!

そういえば Kaiyaの小さい頃も棒を拾ってきては家でガジガジしてたなぁ〜。

散らかるし掃除が大変で ダディは私に棒を拾ってきてほしくなくなってた時期が・・・(笑)

He's beat by the night.  He fell asleep on the chair where dad sat :p


Sweet dreams baby Mato.

おやすみ Mato〜!

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