Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Deserves to crash on the couch after a long morning walk

Yes!  I woke up too early for my day off!  I've got a whole long day ahead of me!

Let's start with a morning walk!  Be ready Kaiya.  We are going for a long one ;))

Such a nice weather!

Except it's freaking cold!  My weather app said it was 2°C for real feel.  First stop,  the woods!!

今日は私休みにもかかわらず 早起きしてしまったついでに朝から長いお散歩へ!


でも 寒い〜〜〜!!!・・・体感2度の中 とりあえず森へ向かってみました〜。

She really becomes vivid whenever we come to the woods.


Here she comes!


Yellow carpet :)))

黄色い絨毯だぁ〜。 秋だぁ〜。

Here she comes again!

また キタキタキタ〜〜〜。

And again!!

またまた キタキタキタ〜〜〜。

...I thought she picked up something...yep, she found a rabbit leg.

どこからか ウサギの足の骨を拾ってきたぞぃΣ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ

We continued our walk to the other lake, that's located little farther than the one we usually go to, to go around it since it's not that big.

Or at least that was my plan.

We arrived there but she started to sniff around and didn't seemed ending soon.

So we were stuck in the field for a while.

森の後は いつもより遠くにある湖を一周しようと企んで 来てみたはいいけど クンクン臭い取りばかりして 先になかなか進めないなぁ。

Finally, she decided to go forward!!

A couple of minutes later, she just stopped walking all the sudden.

I could tell she was telling that she wanted to go home.

Oh common!  Mommy has more energy today than you today!  I can still go another hour or so.

Come to think of it, we hadn't had breakfast yet.  Yep, I'm getting hungry, too.

We u-turned and went back on the way home.

Good exercise in the morning today!  We walked about 2 and half hours, somewhere like 8km.

Of course, she was really tired.  She crashed on the couch after eating her breakfast.

Btw, I needed more exercise.  I took my bike and went cycling for 26.5km in the afternoon ;)))

 少し湖の周りを歩き始めたら いきなり先に進むのを拒否!!!


おいおい マミーのが今日は元気じゃんか!

マミーはまだ行けたけど 確かに朝ごはん食べてないしお腹すいたよね。

ってことで 引き返して帰路につきましたぁ。


もちろん Kaiyaさんお疲れで ご飯食べた後はソファーで寝てた(^-^)

ちなみに まだなんか足りない私は午後に26.5kmのサイクリングしてきたよぉ〜(o^^o)


  1. 私が帰りたいってよくわかったね さすがマミー Kaiya~~!!

    1. うん だって座り込み始めて 逆方向に歩き始めるとお尻を上げて一緒に歩き始めるんだもん(笑)
      わかりやす!! Kaiya〜!!

  2. KAIYA、今日は森での障害飛躍に挑戦。すべて格好よくクリアー。お見事!KAIYA。

    1. あざっす!!!これからも 頑張ります!(^ー゜)