Monday, October 17, 2016

Laid back Sunday / マッタリ日曜日

Kaiya loves daddy and lay down by him.  I get sometimes jealous of him ;p


I wonder how long it's goona take the parts she got shaved for the drips to be covered by fur again.

Look like she has some patterns on her legs :)

It's cold outside.  I bet she want the fur back there ;p




Afternoon walk.

You know,  we had a very long summer this year, right?

I think that's why I can truly enjoy this autumn colors even it's gotten really cold.  It's really refreshing to have change in the scenery.

Sometimes I enjoy this cold fresh air even.

I guess the warm weather can always ease your mind.  Unfortunately, it's getting really colder and darker everyday, and soon many people get depressed and mad :p


今年は夏が長かったから 寒くなってもこの秋の紅葉をありがたく楽しめる。

やっぱり暖かいと心に余裕ができるんだろうなぁ。まぁ もうかなり寒いですけどね(笑)

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  1. 良い季節だ 良い体調だ クンクンクンッ! Kaiya~!!