Saturday, October 1, 2016

Gotta have fun in the rain

It's been really really nice weather in Stockholm.  

Finally, we got rain last couple of days.  It's more like fall weather now.

Oh but it was sunny and fine day today :)

No matter it rains, I biked to work! ...I sort of promised myself to bike unless it snows or the streets get too icy to bike because I hate walking!!! the subway station going down to the platform, walking to the work place from the station and so on.

Well, it wasn't really raining when I started to bike...then it got harder and harder.  Dammit!

I have to say it was kinda fun though I got soaked :p

Kaiya is also a tough girl.

She seemed not minding the rain and had fun in the deserted park digging in the kids playground :)


あっでも 今日はバッチリいい天気!


駅まで歩いたり ホームまで降りてって ホームから上がって 職場まで歩いたり って歩くのが嫌いで 自転車ばっかり乗ってるんです(笑)


家出た時はそんなに降ってなかったらいけると思ったけど 途中からめちゃめちゃ降ってきて ビッショビッショになったぁ〜〜(≧∇≦)

うん でもそれはそれで楽しかった!



The day before yesterday, Kaiya followed us to the town for shopping.

I had to work in the morning so we met up in the town in the afternoon.

At first, she did't see me and just walked like enjoying the town view.

So I stared at her as she walked toward me and finally she noticed me but unsure if it was really me or not.

Few more steps then her tail started to wag fully.  She was showing her happiness with her whole body :)

She ran up to me and gave me a love-you-mommy-so-happy-to-see-you licking ritual.

Oh yes, mommy loves you so much, too❤︎


私は午前中仕事だったから 町で待ち合わせ。


私の熱い眼差しにふと気づいたけど マミーかどうか半信半疑の顔しながら少しずつ近づいてきて 確実にマミーだと確信したら尻尾フル回転全身で嬉しさ表現しながら一目散に走りだすかわいい子(≧∇≦)

めちゃめちゃ嬉しかったKaiyaさん めちゃめちゃ顔舐め回されてマミーはメロメロになりました❤︎

Got little hungry.  Let's go crazy and get some junk food today!
Waiting for daddy in front of Burger King ;)

Kaiya couldn't go into the Burger King so we ordered it to go and ate it in the square.
So many pigeons came close to us begging for food...Kaiya usually chase after them.
But I think this time she was overwhelmed to see a lot of them walking towards us :p
バーキンKaiyaさん入れなかったから 外の広場で食べることに〜。
いつもなら追っかけ回す鳩たちが あまりに人慣れしてなんかくれと
たくさん近くまで近寄ってくるので ちょいとビックリしてるんだと思ふ。

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