Monday, October 24, 2016

A pleasant surprise / 嬉しいサプライズ

Rain again.  Cold again.  I want the sun back!!!

Kaiya doesn't like this kinda weather, either.  She wanted to come home quick from the walk.



I had to work late but I got a pleasant surprise on the way home.

I got out from the sub station and started to walk home.

Somebody poked my leg..."what the hell...."  It was Kaiya!!

Kaiya and daddy came to station to surprise me :)))'

I'm the one who usually surprise daddy with Kaiya but sometimes it's really nice to be surprised by Kaiya and daddy ;))))

後ろからいきなりどつかれたと思ったら Kaiyaだった!(笑)

いつもサプライズする方だったけど される方はめっちゃいいなぁ〜(≧∇≦)

Done with the night walk and falling asleep on the sofa now.

夜の散歩も終わって ソファでまったり〜!

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  1. う~む! こうやって頭を落として寝るとなんだか...zzzzz!! Kaiya~!!