Monday, October 17, 2016

Mato 10th day at my parents' home (2016/10/16) / Mato 実家10日目

Mom was out yesterday so Mato spend time with daddy during the day.

He's got a lot of photos taken :)

昨日はママがお出かけだったので 昼間はパパと過ごしたMato。


When mom got home, he was enjoying the usual.  He just loves to chew the sticks.

ママがうちに帰ってきたら 相変わらず棒をガリガリ楽しんでたみたい(笑)

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  1. こっちはガジガジ君がMatoひとり 棒の取り合いはありません マトマト...トマト!!