Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mato 4th day at my parents' home (2016/10/10) / Mato 実家4日目

This is where Mato sleeps.

During the flight when we gonna come to Sweden, he has to be in this crate in the cargo hold.  He's too big to be carried in the passenger cabin.  Kaiya, on the other hand, she was very small when we flew together so I had her with me in the passenger cabin.

Anyways, that's why I told mom to have him sleep in it so he gets used to it and will feel comfy and safe during the flight.


飛行機に乗るときにはMatoは大きいのでKaiyaの時みたいに客室に一緒に行けないから 貨物室でこのクレートの中で過ごさなきゃいけないんです(>_<) 飛行機の中で安心していられるように 慣らしてもらってます!


Jay's trying to invade Mato's crib. lol


Because he used to play by the water with other Kais of Mina Alps Kennel and, thanks to Mr. Arisumi, he taught him to walk in the water, Mato likes water!!!

Now he likes to go down in the pound...though we don't keep a lot of water in it so he might not be satisfied :p

南アルプス犬舎のみんなとの川原での散歩で 有墨さんに水は大丈夫と教えてもらったから 水が好きなMato。


Good job Mato on digging and getting dirty! lol


だいぶ掘ったなぁ〜( ゚д゚)

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  1. kaiya に続いて Mato も ほりほり~!!