Tuesday, March 31, 2015


We met Robin this morning!

It had been a long time since they played together.

They ran a lot!!

Unfortunately, I had to go work so we couldn't stay too long :(

今朝は ロビン君に久しぶりに会った!

いっぱい走って遊んだ Kaiya

私が仕事行かなきゃいけなかったから あんまり長い時間遊べなかったけどね(^^;)

By the way, lately Kaiya's been acting very cautious 

when someone wants to say hi to her.

When people try to touch her to say hi, she barks.

I try to calm her down saying it's okey when that happens

but she doesn't let her guard down so easily.

On the other hand, she happily goes to say hi to those owners of her dog friends!

そういえば最近 警戒心が強くなってきたKaiyaさん


そうゆう時は ひたすら 大丈夫だよ となだめているけど 警戒バリアをあまりゆるめない

ところが こうやって犬友の飼い主さんには 


↑ Robin's daddy and Kaiya

↑ ロビンのお父さんとKaiya

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Summer Time!

This time we lose one hour 

so I went to bed early without updating the blog last night to get enough sleep!

.....tell you the truth...Kaiya and I just fell asleep early last night cuz we were soooo tired!!

We did two long long walks yesterday.

The first one in the morning, we went to the woods!

Played a lot in the woods then by the water and went around for little more.

By the time when we got home, I realized we were out for about 3 hours.


午前2時に時計の針を1時間進められて 1時間睡眠時間を失ってしまうので


ほんとは Kaiyaとゴロゴロしてたらウトウトそのまま寝てしまっただけなんだけどwww

というのも たくさん散歩をして疲れていたせいかな・・・

昨日  まず朝の散歩!週末なので森へ!

森で遊んだり 水辺で遊んだり うろちょろして


The second walk in the evening

To the lake Lötsjön which is the one located little away from home.

Lots of birdies...Kaiya couldn't take her eyes off from them :P


ちょっと離れたとこにある湖 Lötsjön へ!


She really really really wanted to get out something in the water.

Struggled and didn't move from there for a while...



We were walking around the lake but we did come little too far from home

and we were lost. lol

Checked our location on the google map and walked towards the direction home.




Googleマップで とりあえず位置確認して とりあえず家の方角へ歩く

It was already 7pm when we got home.

We went out around 4pm....again 3 hour walk.

So this is why Kaiya and I were down early last night.

Total of 6 hour walk would do it!

Anyways, I got up early today for sleeping early last night...lol

Well then, we're going for the morning walk now!!


16時過ぎくらいに家出たから また3時間近くお散歩してた(^^;)




とういうことで これから朝の散歩行ってきまぁす!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Watching Cesar together

I LOVE Cesar!!!

I learn a lot about dogs from watching his shows.

You know Kaiya...I will do that to you this summer!

I'm gonna teach you to swim :)


シーザー大好き! この人ほんとすごいわぁ〜


ってことで Kaiyaさん この夏は泳ぎを教えるからね


Friday, March 27, 2015

Playing tag with a cripple

It's been cold and I started to wear gloves again.

And look what she remembered to do with gloves!


She pulled off one of the gloves on my hands and ran!!!

My foot is not 100% healed and there is no way I could run after her.

So she just circled around me over and over :p

最近またまた寒いから 手袋つけるようになったら


私の手から手袋引っ張って抜いて 逃げる逃げる(笑)


走って追っかけられない私の周りをグルグル グルグル(^^)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bone and massage

Into chewing a bone.

ガリガリ ガリガリ ガリガリ


She put the bone aside as soon as daddy started to give her a massage.

Look at her face! 

She's feeling it!!! lol

ダディがマッサージ始めたら 骨を横にのけたぞ!



Goes back to the bone right after the massage was done :p

マッサージ終わったら 骨に即座に戻るwww