Wednesday, March 25, 2015

2 little ladies

Kaiya with Leia, dachshund mix this morning.

They've been friends since Kaiya was little.

One time they didn't go well together but now they get happy when they see each other!

今朝 Kaiya ダックスフンドミックスのレイヤ と


一度馬が合わなくなったことがあったけど 今はすっごく仲良し!

他の犬がアプローチ中で 2人で仲良く眺めてます↓

Not again...:(

"NO! Don't wanna go home yet!"

朝から またこれです(笑)


In the afternoon, Kaiya, daddy and I took a walk together!

It was warm and such a nice day!

午後 Kaiyaとダディと私の3人でお散歩!


Daddy thought it was cold outside and wore a wrong


"I want that stick but..." lol

"あの棒欲しい けど どうしよう・・・" (笑)

Usie :)

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