Saturday, March 14, 2015

Off the leash night walk

The night walk at the end of the day is usually Daddy's job to go out with Kaiya.

Daddy's been letting her off the leash at night so I came along this time to see how she does.

Actually while she was on heat we always had her on leash 

so this was the first time in a while to let her go.

We let her off the leash pretty much from the beginning to the end

(except when we had to cross a busy street at the end).

She was such a good girl whole the time!




ヒート中はオフリーシュには絶対しなかったので ノーリードはこれが久しぶり

今日は ほぼ最初から最後まで(最後の大通りを渡る時以外) ノーリードでの散歩


She's looking back to see if I was coming :)



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