Monday, October 21, 2019

Rainy and sunny / 雨と太陽 Oct. 20

Rain again!!!
It rains almost every day.  Well, we were fortunate at the beginning of this autumn season this year since we had many sunny days and it was even warmer than usual.
But the real dark and wet Swedish fall has arrived. 


ほんと雨ばっかりだ。曇ってばっかりで暗くて スウェーデンの秋の本領発揮。

Kaiya got the peanut butter container from mommy.
She's so good at licking it till the very last bit of peanut butter ;)))


最後まで綺麗ピカピカになるまで 器用に舐めます(´∀`*)

Simba came to say hi in the afternoon :)


As soon as we came out to take the early evening walk, the sun came out, too!!
Feels soooo good!  Gives me energy and makes me happy!
Though, mommy had to work after this so I actually didn't get that happy as I usually do :p

夕方散歩に出たら ちょうど太陽出てきた〜!



だけどマミーこの後仕事だから ぶっちゃけそこまで気分上がらなかったりした(笑)

Sunny Saturday morning / 晴れの土曜日の朝 Oct. 19 

The sun is shining and it feels wonderful!!
They ran a lot at the park on the hill.


高台の公園で いっぱい走って遊んだよぉ!!!



So the Mato-hunt begins.

Mato狩り イエーイ!

Mato looks like as if he's saying, "Mommy, shouldn't we go further now?"
It's our rule that kids can't go down the stairs by themselves so they wait here until I come.
Though lately it seems like it's only Mato who comes here first and wait for me because Kaiya usually wants to do more Mato-hunt.  I have to call her to make her come here :p

"マミーそろそろ先に進もう" と階段のところで待つMato。



とは言っても最近はKaiyaはいつまでもMato狩りをしたいから Matoが先に階段ところまで来て Kaiyaはなかなかここまで来ない感じ(笑)

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Movie night / ムービーナイト Oct. 18

Friday night is the movie night.
Daddy and mommy started watching the newest "The Lion King'."
Look who's decided to join us.


I thought he was just sleeping using my arm, but he was actually watching the movie :)))

マミーの腕を枕にして寝てるだけだと思ってたら ちゃんと映画見てた(笑)

Now he's really really into it!!!! lol


No sun / 太陽が出ない Oct. 16

Mommy had a day off.  


Weather is not very satisfying.


But took a long walk in the morning


with Simba!!!! :)))


Mato comes right next to me when I go to sleep.  Though he moves off the bed eventually and doesn't really sleep beside me :p



Nice changes / 嬉しい追加 Oct. 15

We went to the dog park by the water tower today.  It's been a while and we realized they added more space to the dog park.
It looks like they fenced around extra space next to the original dog park space so it's just 2 dog park spaces now.  One big and one small.
This is nice for the smaller size doggies to play in :)) plus, if you open the door then it'll be one big space ;)))

久しぶりにウォータータワーの近くのドッグランに来たら ドッグランスペースが広がってた!

フェンスで区切って広げられてたから 元々のドッグランの横に狭いドッグランが作られた感じ。



Beautiful with fallen leaves :)


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Rainy start / 雨始まり Oct. 14

Monday started off with rain.
At the dog park, Kaiya tried to do Mato-hunt,


ドッグランでは Mato狩りをちょいとするものの

but she doesn't really like to get wet.  As we walked along the walking path, she found little shelter from the rain to wait for us :p

歩き始めると濡れるのがいやらしくて Kaiyaさんは雨が当たらないところでMatoと私が来るのを待ってる〜(笑)

Autumn / 秋だね〜 Oct. 13

We came to the park on the hill where they usually run and have fun, except they didn't run and play at all today.
They felt like sniff and check around this time ;p
Yellow, red, full of colors everywhere! 

せっかく高台の公園に来たのに 全然走らない お二人。


いやしかし 黄色に赤に 秋だねぇ〜。



Monday, October 14, 2019

Mato's tipi / Matoのティピー Oct. 12

Somehow I had no energy today.  I just decided to chill out since I had a day off. 
Not really sunny.  We took an easy walk.

なんだかお疲れモードが抜けないマミーだったので お休みの土曜は何もしないでゆったりすることに。




This is Mato's Tipi that I made for him.
He sleeps here often lately :))



When we realized, he was sleeping up side down. lol

ふと気づくと仰向けで寝てる 面白い子(笑)

Friday evening out / 金曜はの夜は Oct. 11

Energetic morning!


Daddy and mommy went out on the evening to have dinner with friends.
As you might remember, we come here time to time.  It's the boat restaurant Patricia.
Kaiya's favorite uncle Kay, his wife, uncle Patrik, his wife, and Simba's papa &mama came along so we were 11 in total.
We had really wonderful time.  Also, food was really good, but every time we come here, the quantity of food seems less and less. Mommy the big eater had a starter, a main course, and a dessert, and ate it all up easily ;p



ちょいちょいくるこのボートのレストラン パトリシア。



ご飯は美味しかったけど 毎回来るたびに量が減ってる気がする(笑)

みんながデザートを分けたり 前菜スキップした人とかいた中 大食いのマミーは前菜、メインコース、デザート、全部1人で平らげたのだ(^_−)

Chanterelle Toasrt

Grilled petit tender and Shrimps

Apple pie

We were able to see the nice view of the City Hall on the other side :))))


Friday, October 11, 2019

Busy week / バタバタな週 Oct. 10

Hey, it'e been a while again.  This week's been crazy.
On Tuesday evening, I attended a workshop called Coding For Beginners.  
One of my friends actually asked me to go with her so I signed up for it , but eventually I went there alone since she wasn't feeling well that day.
I actually thank her for letting me know this workshop though. 
I've been studying to code for a while now by myself because I'm interested in coding and would like to work in IT field in the future.
Although what they taught in the workshop was very basic of Html and CSS which I already knew about, I got a lot of information about intensive courses they offer where they teach Java, C#, etc. :)))


火曜日の夜はCoding For Beginners っていうワークショップがあって行ってきたの〜。

友達に誘われてたからサインアップしたんだけど その友達は体調不良で結局マミー1人で行ってきた。

ってのもマミーはIT系のお仕事したいから今独学でコーディングをお勉強中なので このワークショップ興味あったんだよね。

行ってこれてよかった。実際に教えてくれたことは基礎の基礎でマミーには必要なかったけど 職に繋がるインテンシブなコースとかの色んな情報が手に入ったよ。

Wednesday is a sleepy day.  Kaiya and Mato taking over the bed and taking a nap ;)

水曜日のKaiya&Matoは おねむ〜。

Oops, she woke up...looks like she's saying "Shhhh, Mommy! Let me sleep."

あ。目が開いた。"マミーうるさいよ" とでも言っているようだわ。

Mato didn't even care about the sound of the camera ;p


And today, Thursday, we made a new friend.
When we were in the dog park this morning, a guy with a dog just came in without say anything or asking if it's ok to come in.  I got bit worried, but I didn't wanna affect Kaiya and Mato with my reaction so I tired to be calm.
Thank god, he was one who understands dogs.  
Even though Kaiya and Mato were being cocky and especially Kaiya was barking at the owner a lot, he smiled and didn't get offended by that.  He just said, each dog has his or her character.  Super calm and kind man.
Well, this new friend's name is Choco after Chocolate.  He's 3 years old and has been castrated.  That's why Mato didn't react too much to him as he usually does to other unneutered  males.
Kaiya and Mato are very difficult when it come to interacting with other dogs, especially when they are together since their bond as a pack is tight.
Mommy is very happy when they make friends like this ;)))

そしてそして本日 木曜日は新しいお友達ができたよ。

いきなに何も声をかけずにドッグランに入ってくる人がいて ヤベッ!!!って思ったんだけど ちゃんと犬を理解してる人だったからよかった。

KaiyaとMatoが生意気に振舞っても 特にKaiyaは飼い主さんに吠えたりしてたけど 全然笑ってそれも個性だしね〜って。


KaiyaとMatoは一緒にいるパック感が強まって 他の子と遊ぶのが難しいから こうやって遊べる子が増えるのは嬉しいことだ(´∀`*)