Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Is that comfy???

While we were taking a walk, Kaiya sat down out of blue...like this.
You sit funny, Kaiya, does that make you comfy??

散歩中 急におしゃんこ(^_^;)
なんか座りかた変だよ Kaiya・・・(笑)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer's finally here!!

Yeserday became one nice summer day as well:)

On our usual promenade, there were a lot of people by the water sunbathing.

It looks like Swedish summer has finally began!


いつもの散歩道の水辺で たくさんの人が日光浴してた!!


少しでも暖かくなると すかさずみんな最寄りの公園やら水辺やらで 水着で日光浴!

Sun 20℃ Soccer ball

It'd been a long time to have a day like today, sunny and over 20 degrees!
Kaiya, daddy and I, went for a walk together!
Sooooooo nice and warm and feeling the sun on your skin!
Anyways, Kaiya found a ball on the way and went crazy for it!! :)
今日は久しぶりに20度越えで 暖かい1日だったぁ!!


途中でボールを発見して Kaiya夢中になっちゃったぁ(^o^;)


Saturday, June 27, 2015

A supermodel

Today's sexy shot :p

うちのスーパーモデル 本日のセクシーポーズ(笑)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Let's surprise daddy!!

Let's go surprise daddy just showing up at his work!!

電車に乗って ダディをびっくりさせるために 職場まで行こーぜー!

It was raining in the morning but when we came out in the late afternoon, the sun was out and it was perfect weather!

Let's "fika" (to have coffee) before we head home!

今朝は雨だったけど 夕方出かけた時には太陽出ていい天気!!


We walked and walked and walked...probably couple of hours...and finally got home. 

Kaiya immediately crashed on the bed. lol




Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Camera shy

We meet Chili often in the morning lately.

Kaiya likes Chili and Chili likes Kaiya!

Btw Chili's mom likes Kaiya a lot too :)

She's always happy to see Kaiya and really nice to her!

Anyways, they don't like to get their picture taken:(

Every time I aimed my camera at them, they gave me butts (-_-)

bad timing i guess...

最近 朝シリィによく会う

Kaiyaもシリィ大好きだし シリィもKaiyaのことが大好き!

ちなみに シリィのママもKaiyaのことが大好き!(^o^)


でも シリィもKaiyaも写真撮られるの好きじゃないみたい・・・



ので 本日正面からの写真ナッシング(笑)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Naturreservat Nyckelviken

Last weekend, we went to visit daddy's best friend Kay!

Kaiya and daddy had been this nature preserve by Kay's place.

This time I could finally come here!!!

Such a beautiful place and perfect place to take a walk.

In this nature preserve, there was a animal park where they kept piggies, rabbits, sheep, roosters and probably more.

Oh yeah, we saw a wild deer, too!!

We went around about 1 and half hour but that was not enough to explore this huge nature!

I wanna go back there again!!!

先週末 ダディの親友のケイのお家に遊びに行ってきたぁ!

Kaiyaとダディは ケイの家の近くのこの自然保護区の森に行ったことあるけど




保護区の中には 動物が飼育されてるとこがあって

ブタさん ウサギさん ヒツジさん ニワトリさん 見たなり!・・・多分他にもいると思う

そうそう 野生の鹿も見た!

1時間半くらい散歩したけど まだまだここを全部見るには全然足りない


↓ the sign says "dogs are only allowed on-leash."

Unfortunate for Kaiya, she had to be on the leash.

Only by the beach, we let her go and play though :)


ので Kaiyaは残念ながらリード付けてお散歩

浜辺のとこだけ 放してあげたけどね!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Spencer and muddy 2

Last night, when daddy took Kaiya out, they met Spencer.

I was home waiting them to come home.

My phone ringed and it was daddy.

He just called to warm me that Kaiya's soooooo dirty I had to give her a bath.

Yes, she was dirtier than I expected...

When I rinsed her with water, the brown water never stopped coming. lol

Phew....hell a lot of work...

昨夜 ダディがKaiyaを散歩に連れていったら スペンサーにまた会ったらしい

私は家で二人が帰って来るのを待っていたら 電話がなった・・・ダディだ

すんっごい汚れたから シャワー必要だよ!って警報でした(笑)


って思ってたけど 予想以上の汚れっぷり!!(゜ロ゜ノ)ノ

流しても流しても 茶色い水が止まらない・・・

ふぅ〜 こりや大仕事でしたぁ(^o^;)