Sunday, June 7, 2015

Whining Pac

Oh boy, I spent most of the time outside walking kids yesterday.

The weather wasn't really nice so I thought we could just take it easy at home.

BUT Pac was whining and barking somehow

and I just took him (and Kaiya) out so he'd get tired.

You have no idea how exhausted I was...

I realized that I did a long long walk on previous day with Kaiya.

No wonder I was worn out at the end of the day.

After Marissa came and pick up Pac at late evening,

I lay down next to Kaiya on the bed and was knocked out in a few minutes.



パック君がなぜかクンクン鳴くわ 吠えるわ で

とにかく外に出して疲れさせようと アタイもがんばった!!!


そのあと Kaiyaの隣にちょっと横になったら そのまま寝落ちしたぁ〜(笑)

In the morning yesterday, to the dog park!  Their butts are sooo cute!! LOL

昨日の朝 2人ともお尻ぷりぷりで ドッグランへ!(^^)

Ah, somebody is trying to get Pac!

あっ Kaiyaがパック狙ってる

Hahaha, Pac looks like a fighting bull :p

Be careful Kaiya, maybe it's his turn to hunt you down! :P

なんか パック 闘牛みたいだな(笑)

Kaiyaさん おきをつけなさぁい 今度はパックの番かなぁ〜!?(^^)

He's sheering off and Kaiya goes to him instead :p


そして 反れていくパック(笑)

You are such a handsome guy, Pac!


Hey hey, Kaiya!  Stop bugging him all the time!

これこれ Kaiya ちょっかいばっか出さないの!

Pac likes water, i guess.


Pac's fixated on the food daddy was

パック ダディがなんか食べてるところを凝視中・・・笑 笑 笑

Pac and daddy are buddies!

パックとダディ 仲良し

YES!!! Nap Time!!!


Naaaah, the nap time was over real quick and we went out for a walk.

Came home but Pac whined a lot so we went out again :(

Mommy's very very tired and needs to sit and rest a little.

Sweet Kaiya came and sit between my legs to cuddle :)

おねんねタイムすぐに終了しちゃって お散歩に出て

一回帰ってきたけど パックがぐずるから また外へ(^^;)

もう マミーお疲れモードなので ちょっとベンチに座って休憩!!!


FINALLY!!!!  A real nap time!!!

Pac was sleeping right next to me and his butt was on my side.

A little while later he changed his position and curled up with my right arm.

Sooooo cuuuuute!!!!

My arm was getting numb but I hold it for 40 min 

until the next time he moved and changed the position :)



寝返りうって 私の腕に巻き付いてきた(笑)



Well, Kaiya is always a lone sleeper.

But today's pillow is a mouse instead of a keyboard. lol


本日は キーボードじゃなくて マウスが枕代わり(笑)


  1. 甲斐犬カイ♂June 8, 2015 at 2:57 AM

    飼い主が何時もと違う 行動をすると甲斐犬は心配します
    kaiyaもお母さんが ベンチに座ったので 心配したのだと思います(カイもそうです 似ています)

    1. あ!そういえば お父さんが座ってた時もみんな心配して集まってきてましたよね!?
      そっかぁ Kaiyaも心配してきてくれたのかぁ!!

  2. パックと元気に遊びまくれ~ KAIYA~