Monday, November 27, 2017

Kids & mommy day / Kaiya&Mato&マミーだけの日 Nov. 26

Daddy was gone all day to his friend's today.  We three, Kaiya, Mato, and mommy, spent the whole day having fun together!
今日はダディが友達のとこに遊びに行ったから 1日中KaiyaとMatoとマミーの3人で過ごしたよぉ〜。

Morning walk.

There was a trace where a heavy machine came in and did some work in the dog park.

I wonder what they gonna do...





 Mato (left)                   Kaiya (right)

These two never look at the camera at the same time.

どうしても 2人一緒にカメラに目線をくれないヒトタチ。
Mato (left)           Kaiya (right)

In the afternoon, we went out for a walk early so that we were be able to walk while the sun was still out.

It gets dark around as early as 3 pm lately...

午後は早めのお散歩。気持ち良さそうだったから まだ太陽が出てるうちに出たよぉ〜。





Can't take his eyes off of birdies. lol


Aren't your feet cold??


And the night walk.

Daddy bought these LED collars for Kaiya and Mato a couple of weeks ago and these are super good quality!

BTW, green is Kaiya and blue is Mato!

んでもって 夜の散歩。

数週間前にダディがこのLEDの首輪を買ってくれたんだけど めっちゃ重宝してます!

ちなみに緑がKaiyaで 青がMatoだよ。

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Yuppiii / ひゃっほぉ〜! Nov. 25

They had fun running today!
Kaiya (left)           Mato (right)

Kaiya (left)           Mato (right)

Kaiya (left)           Mato (right)


Kaiya (left)           Mato (right)

Kaiya (left)           Mato (right)

Kaiya (left)           Mato (right)

Kaiya (left)           Mato (right)



Kaiya's quick turning.

Mato (left)                 Kaiya (right)

Mato (left)                 Kaiya (right)

Mato (left)                 Kaiya (right)

Mato (left)                 Kaiya (right)



When we were walking on the narrow side walk...

Mato (left)                 Kaiya (right)

Kaiya doesn't like to walk next to Mato. :p

Usually one of them walks on one of my sides and the other one on the other.

But here it was too narrow to walk beside me and she knows that she can't get down from the side walk.  So nothing could be done but making this face!!  lol


大体いつも私の両サイドに2人がいるけど ここは狭いから 車道には降りれないし マミーの横には行けないしで しょうがなくMatoと隣り合わせで この顔www
Mato (left)                 Kaiya (right)

Mato is Mato....doesn't care about it and enjoying the view :)))


Thursday, November 23, 2017

8°C / 8度 Nov. 23

It was already 8°C this morning!

Since we had minus degrees lately, it felt warm today ;p

But rainy day... it's so pain in the butt to take a walk in the rain... :(


今までマイナスとかだったから めっちゃあったかく感じる(笑)

んでもって 雨。雨の中の散歩は疲れる〜( ;∀;)

In the evening, we all were chilling on the couch.

Kaiya sleeping right next me crossing her hands.

晩は みんなでソファーでのほほ〜ん。

Kaiyaさんは 手を交差させて私の真横でお寝んね。

She...might've been awake... lol

と思ったら 目がうっすら開いてる!!!( ゚д゚)

The other one was sleeping right next to my butt!

I wonder how he would react if I fart in front of his face... ;p

もう1人のお方は 私の後ろちょうどお尻のとこでお寝んね。

プププ〜ってオナラしたら この子はどうするんだろか?(笑)

He woke up... I swear I didn't do it. ;p

 オナラしてないけど 起きたw

Beaver / ビーバー Nov. 22

Oh my my my... it snowed so much yesterday!

When we took a walk in the morning, it was almost a blizzard.


Kaiya (left)                 Mato (right)


The advantage of this kind of weather is that almost no one is walking.  I let Kaiya off the leash and she surely enjoyed the walk ;)

そのおかげであんまり人が歩いてないから Kaiyaはノーリードで(^ ^)

We all love snow but you see...we all got covered in white!!!

もうね ほんとね みんなで 真っ白になったよ!


We weren't the only ones...the geese were covered in snow, too!

湖に浮かんでた 鳥さんたちも 背中真っ白!

Suddenly, Moto jumped into the bush.


It's usually rats so I was looking at the water surface because sometimes they swim.  I realized something was swimming beneath it.

A while later it came up and showed us himself... no, it wasn't a rat.

It was a beaver!!!

I've seen a beaver before somewhere else but I didn't know they live in the neighbor!!

Sorry, Mato bothered you ;p

あぁ〜 ネズミでもいたかなぁ〜って水面を見てたら 水面下をなんか泳いでるのが見えた。

暫くしたら浮いて来て・・・あ!!! ビーバーだ!!!!!

前にビーバー別の場所で見たことあったけど 近所で生息してるとは・・・。


When it snows this much, it's so easy to clean Kaiya and Mato after the walk.  Just wipe their paws with a towel and that's it.  I love it!

こんなに雪が積もってくれると 散歩のあとにKaiyaとMatoを綺麗にするのがめっちゃ楽チーン( ´ ▽ ` ) タオルでチョチョっと足拭くだけだもんねぇ〜。

But it rained today...actually it's still raining.

I guess the temperature went up and it rained instead of snow.  Everything melted.  Wet and muddy.

Unfortunately we gotta clean Kaiya and Mato in the shower...more work :(

I wonder what's gonna be tomorrow.

なのに 今日は雨だよ。

昨日より全然気温が上がって 雨が降って地面はびちょびちょで雪はほとんど溶けちゃった〜!

KaiyaとMatoさんは 残念ながら散歩後はシャワーで汚れを流しまぁす。

さてさて 明日はどんな天気になることやら。

Monday, November 20, 2017

Covered in white / 白い景色 Nov. 20

Ok.  Snow for real this time.  

When I went out on the balcony to check the temperature outside before we went out for a walk this morning, I realized that half of the streets were covered in white... snow!!!

The smell of other dogs and other animals stays more on the snow.  Kaiya and Mato sniffed around intensively even more than usual.

ついに 積もったよぉ〜 ちょっとだけど。

今朝起きて 散歩に出る前にバルコニーに出て外の温度を確かめようと思ったら なんか白い。雪だよ。積もったよ。

雪が積もると 雪を通った後のいろんな動物の臭いが残るから いつもに増してクンクン。

Chilli and Mato had fun at the dog park.  They got their favorite mitten of Carina's and chased after each other ;)

ドッグランでは カリーナの手袋をめぐってシリィとMatoが追いかけっこだよぉ〜!

Right after we came out from the dog park, Bianca came !!!

We wanted to go back to the dog park to let them play together since it's been a long seeing Bianca.

Unfortunately, she had her heat so this time we said hi and then bye right a way.

All three were fixated on Bianca. lol

さて先へ進もうと ドッグランを出たら 後ろからビアンカが来たー!!!

でも ビアンカはヒート中だったから ちょっと挨拶したら バイバイしたよぉ〜!

みんなでビアンカをガン見!( ´ ▽ ` )
Kaiya (left)                  Mato (right)

Kaiya (left)                     Mato (right)