Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Walking in the rain

It rained pretty much whole day.

I took a walk with Kaiya in the morning and at night.

Both times it was raining pretty hard.

I usually don't use an umbrella when it rains but I did use it today!  That's how much it was raining.

Lucky daddy.  He took a walk in the afternoon when it stopped raining once during the day.

Fortunately, daddy and Kaiya went out for about one hour so Kaiya got proper exercise :)

On the other hand, when it's like this weather, there's almost nobody walking outside.

It's easy for us to walk without the leash :)

Kaiya had no leash at all during the night walk and she listened very well!!! :))

We even went to the farther station to surprise daddy who's coming back from work.

The photos are from the morning walk, btw.





ダディが行った午後はちょうど止んでた時で1時間くらい散歩できたらしくて Kaiyaさんも運動不足にならなくてよかった。

こんなお天気の日はあんまり外に人いないから 逆にノーリードでお散歩しやすかったりするんだよねぇ(o^^o)

ってことで 夜は一回もリードつけることなく良い子にお散歩したKaiyaさん。



Monday, August 29, 2016

Back to the fall

It seems like the summer weather we had this week ended yesterday.

Today we had a typical autumn chilly weather.  It even started to rain in the late afternoon.

But we had a nice and long walk in the morning since it wasn't raining.


今日は一変して 涼しい(寒い?)雨の降る天気。

でも 朝は雨降ってなかったから ゆっくり長いお散歩できたぁ〜!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Long morning walk and cycling

Sunny but little chilly this morning.

Well, we got warmed up as we took a nice and long walk this morning though :)

今朝はちょっと肌寒いけど いいお天気!


This place is her favorite salad bar :p


Ever since I twisted my ankle the other day, I haven't been able to go to gym.

I really need to work out!!

I got on my bike this afternoon to do little cardio work out!

For 2 hours, I just pedalled with no plan.

I went through Vasastan, Östermalm, Gamla stan, Södermalm, Kungsholmen...pretty much everywhere in cetral Stockholm. :p

The only thing that wasn't fun was that it was so windy that I couldn't go faster.

この間 足を捻挫しかけて ここのとこジムにも行けてないから ちょっとカーディオトレーニングの代わりに 午後から一人でサイクリングへ!

あてもなく2時間くらいチャリを乗り回して 気持ちよかった〜!



Thursday, August 25, 2016

Summer is back!

Summer came back to Sweden!

It's been really warm this week and I can't believe it was so cold that we wore jackets last week.


先週は冬まっしぐらみたいだったのに 昨日今日なんてアイスが食べたくなる暖かさ!!

It's a chance to enjoy the sun!!!.....but I couldn't...

Stupid of me, I sprained my ankle again this morning!!!!!

I don't know what's wrong with my legs.  They became so weak.

Though it wasn't that serious this time because I could still walk and went to work even.

Kaiya and I became couch potatoes after I came home.

It's the best to rest and ice my sprained ankle.

にもかかわらず 今朝の散歩の時にまた足首をひねって 軽い捻挫をしてしまった ありえない私・・・。

仕事には頑張って行ったけど 帰ってきたらひねった足を高くしてひたすら冷やしながら Kaiyaとダラダラ〜(笑)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Get well Daddy!

This morning it was wet on the ground but little by little the sun came out.  

Eventually it became warm and sunny day:)
今朝はちょっと地面が濡れてる様子だったけど 徐々に晴れて 暖かくていい天気な日になったぁ〜!

It's usually daddy who takes Kaiya for a walk in the afternoon.

But daddy wasn't feeling good today...had nausea and tummy ache.

Probably some sort of food poisoning...hope he gets better soon!!

So that's why Kaiya had a long walk with me in the afternoon after I came back from work :)

いつも午後の散歩はダディとだけど 今日はダディ朝から腹痛&吐き気でダウン・・・

多分食あたりだと思うんだけど 何を昨日たべたんだろう・・・早く良くなれダディ!!

ということで 午後は私が仕事から帰ってきてから長い散歩に行ったKaiyaさん。

There was something I guess. She was looking there for a while
tilting her head to the sides...so cute :)))
なんかいたらしく 首をかしげてずっと見てた(笑)

And of course, she refuses to go home.  lol

最後はおきまりの まだ帰りたくないのゴロン(笑)