Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fettisdag / フェットティースダーグ Feb.28

Today is Fettisdag!  which literally means "The Fat Tuesday."  I think it's called Shrove Tuesday in English.

Anyways, it's the day we eat "Semla" in Sweden.

When I first ate semla in my first year in Sweden, I thought it tasted so bad and I couldn't believe people were willing to eat this stuff.

After years, I got used to it and found some good bakeries where they have good semla (and also the quality of semla in general has gotten better, I think), I enjoy eating selma around this time of year.

You start to see semla around Christmas seasons so I'm actually getting tired of it now this year...so I had a mini sized semla today :))

今日はFettisdag(フェットティースダーグ)。直訳するとThe Fat Tuesday・・・ファットな火曜日。

ちょっと調べてみたら 英語だとこの日を"Shrove Tueday"告解の火曜日って言ってイギリスだとパンケーキを食べる日らしい。・・・もっと詳しく知りたい方はググってね(^_-)

スウェーデンでは パンケーキじゃなくて Semla(セムラ)っていうパンを食べる日!

ファットな火曜日だなんて セムラを食べて太れってことよね〜(笑)

スウェーデンに来て初めてセムラを食べた時は なんだこのまずいものはと思ったけど 今となっては慣れて (美味しいセムラを作るベイカリーも見つけたりして)この時期には欠かせないものに(笑)

ぶっちゃけクリスマスあたりから セムラが出回るからそこそこもう食べ飽きてきたので 今日はミニミニサイズをいただきました!

This is the mini semla I had today.  The regular size is much bigger.
It's a cardamom-spiced bun with almond paste and unsweetened whipped cream sandwiched.

It wasn't a fine day but the temperature was little higher than usual.

The ice and snow melted and made a puddle in the dog park.


気温はいつもより高めだったから 雪や氷が溶けてドッグランに水たまりができてた。

            Mato                    Kaiya




Monday, February 27, 2017

8 months old / 8ヶ月 Feb.27

Mato's 8 months old now!  Well, to be precise, he became 8 months old two days ago on 25th.

...time flies and I kinda forgot about  it... :((

Anyways, he's almost as big as Kaiya now.

His height is 46cm and his weight is 11.8kg.

2cm taller and 1.3kg plus since the last month.



身体測定! 体高46cm。体重11.8kg。

先月から2cmプラス に1.3kg増。


Kaiya            Mato

Mato           Kaiya

Kaiya   Mato

K: "Don't sniff on my butt!"
K: "お尻クンクンしないでよ!"



Kaiya just loves rolling on the snow.


Somehow Mato got excieted watching her rolling and started to do play bow :)

それを見て遊んでもらえると思って ちょっかいを出し始めたMato(笑)

Mato             Kaiya

Yep.  The wrestling begins!


To Zoo / Zooへ Feb.26

It snowed last night again so of course it's white morning ;p

Thanks to the snow and clouds, since there was no sun peeking from the clouds, it felt not that cold.  In fact it wasn't actually that cold as the temperature wise.

Anyways, this morning we walked to Zoo, the pet supply store, to get a bag of dry food.  I prepared myself with a backpack and curried 6kg dry food with my 2 stubborn kids who wanted to play more outside instead of going home... :(

That was quite a job since I'm being a state of getting cold.

The rest of the day, I slept and rest a lot.  Hopefully by tomorrow I regain my total strength.

また昨日の夜雪が降ったから 今朝はもちろん白い世界。

雪と雲のおかげで 太陽は出てないけど 寒さが和らいだ。やっぱり晴れてないと 温度が上がるような・・・実際気温はプラスだったし( ´ ▽ ` )

そんな中 今朝はドライフードを買うためにペットサプライストアのZooまでお散歩〜!

バックパックに入る大きさの6kgを購入。それを背負って早く帰りたいのに うちの子たちはまだ外で遊びたくて帰りたくないワガママっ子(笑)



ってことで 朝の散歩の後は寝て休んで過ごした1日。明日は治ってるといいなぁ。




They can't figure out what that big sound making snowplow is doing... :p


Kaiya                                                                                           Mato

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dog park i Solna / ソルナのドッグラン Feb.25

Even the sun was shinning, it felt sooooo cold!

It seems always like that...feeling colder than usual when the sun is shinning.

But nothing stops us to take a long walk.  We went to the dog park in Solna in the morning!

こんなに太陽が出て天気がいいのに めっちゃ寒かったぁ〜!

なんでか天気がいい方が 気温が低いんだよねぇ〜。

そんな中 朝は隣町のSolna(ソルナ)にあるドッグランへ レッツゴー!

Kaiya starts to roll on the ground in the middle of nowhere :p


We are here!!

There were 3, 4 other dogs at the park.  Kaiya and Mato got to run and play with them :)))


他に数匹いて 少し遊べたKaiya&Matoでしたぁ〜!

Before I went to work, we went for a quick walk to the park in the hill in the afternoon.

午後 仕事に行く前に 高台の公園へ ちょい散歩しに行って来た〜!

Kaiya                   Mato        




She started it again ;)


Kaiya                                                                                                                 Mato