Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dog park i Solna / ソルナのドッグラン Feb.25

Even the sun was shinning, it felt sooooo cold!

It seems always like that...feeling colder than usual when the sun is shinning.

But nothing stops us to take a long walk.  We went to the dog park in Solna in the morning!

こんなに太陽が出て天気がいいのに めっちゃ寒かったぁ〜!

なんでか天気がいい方が 気温が低いんだよねぇ〜。

そんな中 朝は隣町のSolna(ソルナ)にあるドッグランへ レッツゴー!

Kaiya starts to roll on the ground in the middle of nowhere :p


We are here!!

There were 3, 4 other dogs at the park.  Kaiya and Mato got to run and play with them :)))


他に数匹いて 少し遊べたKaiya&Matoでしたぁ〜!

Before I went to work, we went for a quick walk to the park in the hill in the afternoon.

午後 仕事に行く前に 高台の公園へ ちょい散歩しに行って来た〜!

Kaiya                   Mato        




She started it again ;)


Kaiya                                                                                                                 Mato                                                              

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