Sunday, February 19, 2017

Naughty boy! / 悪いやつめ! Feb.19

OMG!!  Mato almost gave me a heart attack this morning!

We went to the park on the hill and I let them play off the leash as usual.

They usually run circle in the park so if they go ahead, then they u-turn and come back in seconds.

But this morning I didn't see them coming back...something was wrong.

I ran to the other side of the park, and there I saw Kaiya but where's Mato?

He was down the stairs running straight towards to the street where a guy is walking in the picture blow.

Holly S...  I shouted "MATO!!!!! STOP!!! COME HERE!!!!!"

He heard me right a way and stopped running and turned.

I called him a couple more times and he started to run back!

Yes!! Such a good boy!!!

No, no, no...actually he was a naughty boy... he wasn't supposed to go down the stairs in the first place. 

Kaiya, on the other hand, was a very good girl.  In stead of going down the stairs chasing after Mato, she stayed.  She really understands the rules.

He and I had a serious talk about it as soon as he came back.


Matoのやつ やらかしてくれたよぉ!

いつもの高台の公園でノーリードにして遊ばせてたら いつものように走っていく。

いつもは公園内をグルグル回る感じで走るから 戻ってくる姿がすぐ見えるのに 今日はなかなか見えない。


公園の反対側に行くと Kaiyaの姿が見えたから Matoはどこだと思ったら 階段の下に降りてたぁー!!!!ガビーン((((;゚Д゚)))))))

しかも下の写真の 人が歩いてるあたりくらいまで一直線に楽しそうに走って降りててもうすぐ車道の近く。

すかさず 大声で "MATO!!!!!! STOP!!! COME HERE!!!!"

私の声に気づいて 走るのをやめて振り向いた!

よっしゃ。こっちこーい って何度か言ったらすぐ戻ってきた。

呼んだらすぐ戻ってくる いい子だぁ〜。

じゃなくて 下に降りたのはルール違反。下に降りたらダメだぞ!って厳格に注意!!!

KaiyaはMatoの後を追って降りないでいい子だったぁ〜( ´ ▽ ` )

These photos blow are from before the incident.

After the incident, I put the leashes on and the play time was so over!

ちなみに下の写真は 事件が起こる前の写真。



  1. マミー 好奇心だよMato! ふん、そのくらい早く覚えてKaiya~!!

    1. 好奇心旺盛はいいけど ルールは守ること!