Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fun Saturday walkies!

It's finally weekend!!! Time to go for a long walk!

Today's destination is the lake Lötsjön.

There was still ice on the lake but a lot was melted...

It seemed like birdies had more space to float on the lake :p

週末なので 朝からちょっと遠出で長い散歩へ!

Lötsjön 湖に来てみた!

まだちょっと氷が張ってたけど ここも大分溶けて 


Kaiya had off the leash time in the little woods we usually come by the lake Lötsjön.

Oh yeah, she was happy being free from the leash!!

Lötsjön湖のいつもの林で 自由時間〜!

久しぶりだから よく走ってよくジャンプしてた!

After running and jumping in the woods, we stopped at the dog park nearby,

It's time to run again chasing other doggies :)

We met Akira again, a German shepherd boy, whom we'd met last time we were here!

自由時間の後は ドッグランで わんちゃんたちと走ったりじゃれたり〜

前にここで会った ジャーマンシェパードのアキラ君にまた会った!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Worn-out Kaiya

One of our friends came to see us this afternoon!

Kanna aka K1 !!!

It's been a long time!

Kaiya was little perplexed, I guess...

she was in trouble dealing with this energetic 4-year-old girl. lol

She came to me for a help from under the desk.  lol

Little while later, we played hide and seek.

Kaiya was way better than Kanna at hiding!!!

I found Kanna before I found Kaiya!  lol




久しぶりすぎて 元気のいい4歳児に戸惑うKaiyaさん(^^;)


そしてそして この後カンナとかくれんぼして遊んだら

カンナよりKaiyaのがうまく隠れてて カンナのが先に見つかってた!www

Kaiya had a bad tummy since yesterday.

At 4 am and 6 am she woke us up to go outside.

Daddy and I took turns and took her out.

I was tired but she was also tired.

After Kanna and her mom left, Kaiya took a nap besides me on the couch.


朝の4時と6時に起こされて ダディと私交代で外にトイレしに連れてった

私も疲れたけど Kaiyaさんもお疲れモードかな

カンナたちが帰ってから 私の横でおねんね〜

Friday, January 29, 2016

A rainy day is not the day to play...

Oh boy, it was raining sideways this morning...I got soaked... :(

I overslept a bit and couldn't have the walk as long as usual

but we met Arrow!

Kaiya was happy and poking him to get him play with her

but he wasn't in the mood.

Some other fine day, Kaiya!

朝は横殴りの雨で ビショビショになったぁ〜(>_<)

朝寝坊してしまって いつもよりちょっと短い雨の中の散歩で


Kaiyaは はしゃいでアローにちょっかい出すけど 遊んでもらえず(笑)


Wednesday, January 27, 2016


This week's been really warm.

It's no longer below 0 degrees now.

Today it was up to 7 °C.

Snow and ice on the lake are gone.  

It's just wet ground left and Kaiya gets really muddy after walks :p

Unfortunate for Kaiya...she seems little disappointed seeing no snow in the park :(




雪も湖の氷も溶けて ジメジメ濡れた地面で 散歩に行くたびに


そしてそして 雪がなくて心なしか つまんなそうなKaiyaさん

Monday, January 25, 2016

A beautiful Afghan hound and a perfect play mate Shadow

The dog park in Solna today!

Kaiya got to run a lot and play a lot!



There were 2 dogs in the park when we got there.

At first, with this little one!



After those 2 little ones were gone, a beautiful Afghan hound boy came in!!!

Breathtakingly beautiful, especially when he was running!!

I thought his color was unusual so I asked the owners.  It's called blue.

They give him a bath once a week to take a good care of his coat.

And it takes a couple of I heard....sounds really a lot of work :p




珍しい色だなって思って聞いてみたら ブルーっていうらしい!

週1お風呂で 数時間かけて毛のお手入れするんだって・・・大変だぁ〜(^^;)

After the Afghan boy went home, Kaiya got a perfect play mate!

His name is Shadow and they played soooo much!

Today I could watch Kaiya play hard 

without worrying about the owner of the dog Kaiya's playing with,

because Shadow's owner told me that he also played tough and rough like Kaiya.






こっちも相手の飼い主さん気にしないで 安心して見てられて良かったわぁ〜(^^)