Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fun Saturday walkies!

It's finally weekend!!! Time to go for a long walk!

Today's destination is the lake Lötsjön.

There was still ice on the lake but a lot was melted...

It seemed like birdies had more space to float on the lake :p

週末なので 朝からちょっと遠出で長い散歩へ!

Lötsjön 湖に来てみた!

まだちょっと氷が張ってたけど ここも大分溶けて 


Kaiya had off the leash time in the little woods we usually come by the lake Lötsjön.

Oh yeah, she was happy being free from the leash!!

Lötsjön湖のいつもの林で 自由時間〜!

久しぶりだから よく走ってよくジャンプしてた!

After running and jumping in the woods, we stopped at the dog park nearby,

It's time to run again chasing other doggies :)

We met Akira again, a German shepherd boy, whom we'd met last time we were here!

自由時間の後は ドッグランで わんちゃんたちと走ったりじゃれたり〜

前にここで会った ジャーマンシェパードのアキラ君にまた会った!


  1. 鳥さん 鳥さん まもなくキバKaiyaのシーズンです。 Kaiya~!!

    1. いつでも どこでも 鳥見てワクワク・・・Kaiya〜!!