Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Sunday was... / 日曜は... Jul.30

Yesterday, July 29th, was my birthday.

I got a home-made cake the night before :)

昨日 7月肉の日(29日)はマミーの誕生日。


Basically it rained pretty much all day and we couldn't do anything special yesterday.

But raining is great for super dried Sweden.

Lighting fire outside is banned right now.  Which, of course,  includes barbequing.

We did yakiniku with a electronic hot plate inside instead ;)
夏女だけど雨女なのか 昨日は雨がよく降って 特に何も出来なかった。

でも雨が降らず乾燥しているスウェーデンには 本当に恵の雨。

乾燥しすぎてて 屋外でバーベキューや焚き火をすることが禁止されてるんだよ。

ので うちの中で焼肉w

Although we heard thunder, a little exercise in the morning before the rain.

Simba couldn't join them since he's scared of thunder.

It's interesting that Kaiya gets scared of fireworks but not thunder.

Of course, Mato doesn't care about anything.

雷鳴ってたけど 雨が降る前に朝の運動。


面白いことに Kaiyaは花火はダメなのに雷は全然平気なんだよね。

んで もちろんMatoは何にも動じないw

Kaiya (left)             Mato (right)

Mato (left)             Kaiya (right)

Kaiya (left)             Mato (right)

Mato (left)             Kaiya (right)

Mato (left)             Kaiya (right)

After the morning exercise, it started to rain hard right a way.

Then it stopped for a while in the afternoon.

Now Simba can join :)

朝の運動が終わった後 すぐにザーザー降って来たんだよね。

でも午後ちょっと止んで 今度はシンバも一緒。
Simba             Kaiya



We took a walk by the lake.


Kaiya (left)             Mato (right)

Here is Rättvik Church.


In the evening on the same day, we came back to Stockholm.

It was a nice weekend get away and both Kaiya and Mato enjoyed the countryside atmosphere and nature.



Sunday, July 29, 2018

The sweet yard! / 庭最高! Jul.28

Day 2 in Rättvik.  It was a cloudy and cool day.

It started to rain in the afternoon.  We basically stayed at home whole the time but Kaiya and Mato had so much fun running around in the yard without collar or leash.

We've been here more than a couple of times now that they know where they can play and the borderlines they cannot cross.  

They only played on the premises and it was easy for me to watch them.

さてさて レットヴィーク2日目は涼しい一日。

午後からは恵の雨も降って何にもできなかったけど KaiyaとMatoは首輪も何もつけないで庭で走り回れて上機嫌。


注意しなくても ちゃんと敷地内だけで遊んでてくれたから 楽だった〜。

The kids woke me up early as usual.

But it's little different today.

I'm so thankful to the yard we have here.

Instead of taking them for a walk right a way, I just let them play in the yard.  

They ran a lot and had a real good exercise before the breakfast and all I had to do was just to watch them.

Of course, we went for a long morning walk later but having the yard like this is so sweet.



マジ 庭ありがとぉ!


走って楽しんで運動も出来て おねむのマミーは見てるだけでオッケーっていうなんて素敵な朝w 

もちろんあとで長い朝の散歩は行ったけど 庭があるってまじ最高〜。

Mato (left)              Kaiya (right)

Mato (left)              Kaiya (right)

Mato (left)              Kaiya (right)

Kaiya (left)              Mato (right)

Mato (left)              Kaiya (right)

Mato (left)              Kaiya (right)

Kaiya (left)              Mato (right)

They had a lot of fun in the afternoon, too, before the rain!

午後も雨が降る前に よーく遊んだよぉ〜!

Kaiya (left)              Mato (right)


Mato (left)              Kaiya (right)

Kaiya (left)              Mato (right)


Mato (left)              Kaiya (right)


After all the running, it's time for a nap.

いっぱい走って楽しんだ後は お昼寝の時間〜。
Mato (left)              Kaiya (right)


Mato (front)

Saturday, July 28, 2018

To Rättvik / レッドヴィークへ Jul. 27

Mini road trip with Simba and his family!

Kaiya doesn't like riding a car but mommy's excited!

シンバとシンバの家族と一緒に プチ車の旅〜!


Mato is not a big fan either but mommy didn't have to drive today so we three were in the rear seat having a lot of space for ourselves!

Matoもあんまり車好きじゃないんだけど 今日はマミー運転しなくてよかったから 後部座席を3人でゆうゆうと陣取ったよぉ〜!

Looks green enough in the photo but it looked actually more brown because of the dry weather.

写真では緑に見えるけど 景色が大分茶色が多かった〜。雨降ってなくて乾燥しまくってるからねぇ。

Mato has a special talent.   Falling asleep while standing up. lol 


We stopped after about 2/3 of the way and ate huge burgers!!

2/3くらい来たとこで ちょっと休憩とって 腹ごしらえにでっかいバーガー食ったぁ〜!!

Car ride continues.  Mato loves to use my lap as a pillow.


Maybe they knew we were so close...both of them were totally up.

そろそろ着くってのがわかったのかな 2人ともソワソワして来た。

We are here!!!



Mato (left)                                        Kaiya (left)

Our next door's Molly came out!

Mato (left)                            Kaiya (right)

Where are you going Molly???

モーリー どこ行くノォ???

Molly sneaked in our house while all the humans were talking.  Kaiya and Mato followed her. lol

モリーが人が話している間に家に忍び込んだから KaiyaもMatoも追跡〜。

Friday, July 27, 2018

To the beach with uncle Kay / ケイおじさんと一緒にビーチへ Jul. 26

To the beach again!

Since uncle Kay and his family wanted to go to the beach we went to yesterday, he drove us there, too!

Mato jumped up on the trunk suddenly.  We closed the door to see what happens.  He just sat there all the way to the beach.  Good boy Mato. 


ケイおじさんファミリーも行きたいってことで 今日はケイおじさんの車でレッツゴー!



I didn't wanna traumatize Mato and hate water.  I gave him a rest day.  No swimming.  He just chilled out.

あんまりトラウマになっても困るから 今日は泳がせないでMatoのことをそっとしておいたよぉ〜。


Kaiya's another story.  She doesn't like to get wet but she doesn't get shaky when I make her swim.

At first, she swam with uncle Kay's son, Lucas.
Kaiyaは別。あんまり全身濡れるのが好きじゃにけど 泳いがしても動じないから まずはケイおじさんの息子のルーカスと一緒に。

Then with mommy!

This moment is mommy's dream coming true!  Finally I got to swim with my kid.

んでもって マミーとも!

マミーの一緒に泳ぐっていう 夢がかなった瞬間(笑)

Both of them in the trunk on the way home!