Friday, July 13, 2018

A scene from the evening / 夕方の一コマ Jul. 12

Out of the blue, Kaiya came in to the living room and lay down right next to Mato.

This doesn't happen often.  I quickly went and got my camera,

And thanks Kaiya for that face. lol   Yes, I know you don't like photos taken.

急にKaiyaがMatoの側にきて 珍しくこんなに近くに並んだ〜。

急いでカメラ持って来て バシャリ。

期待通りの 写真嫌いな顔をありがとう Kaiya(笑)

Mato's super cute with these eyes.

Mato 白目が可愛い〜。



Kaiya started to poke Mato...I guess she wanted to play with him.


"What the hell are you doing!?"..... a counterattack from Mato.

"何すんのじゃ コラァ〜!"・・・Matoの反撃。

What the hell...


Are they hugging??? .... hehe❤️

なんか抱き合ってるみたいだな❤️・・・ププッ(笑 )

Looks like it's getting intense.


"Hi, Mommy!"  😂😂😂

Thanks Mato for your adorable smile😘

"ハロー マミー!" ・・・サービス精神旺盛なMatoじゃ。


Now it looks like Kaiya's thinking something bad...😏


Ahahahahaha! 😂 That Kaiya's face!!!

ダーッハッハッハッハッハ!!!😂Kaiya すげー顔(笑)

At the end, Kaiya started to groom on Mato.

最終的に 毛づくろいをしてもらって

And he loves it😁

Matoくん 気持ち良さそう😁

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