Friday, October 30, 2015

Back in Sweden!

I was in Japan for about 3 and a half weeks and finally back home.
The whole point of this trip was to attend my baby brother's wedding.
It was such a nice wedding.  They had a traditional Japanese style ceremony to start with and then the dinner party and after party, etc.
Weddings are the best chance to meet all the family members, relatives and friends you don't usually see.
I had such wonderful time seeing all the people I don't get to see when I'm in Sweden.

何の告知もしませんでしたが 日本に3週間半くらい行っていました!(笑)
神前式でお嫁さんは十二単を着て 綺麗だったぁ!
いやはや ぶっちゃけ ハプニングが多くておもしろい神前式で ずっと忘れられないものになるでしょう・・・(笑)
プラス 結婚式は普段会わない人に会う いい機会でもあって
家族や親類 普段会わない遠い親戚や友達にも会えて 楽しかったなぁ(^^)

Although I had a fun in Japan, it was only me who was traveling...I missed my Kaiya soooo much.
And I thought Kaiya would be crazily happy to see me...but it was a quick
I totally forgot her coolness after I had two of my parents' dogs in Japan who get very excited to see people and always want to cuddle... :p
Well, she was happy and that's all it matters :)

楽しかったには楽しかったけど 私1人で行ってきたので Kaiyaと暫く離ればなれで 寂しかったぁ(>_<)
Kaiyaも同じで すんごい興奮して喜んでくれるかと思いきや なんだか早い熱の冷めようでちょっと寂しさを感じてしまった マミーだよ!!
実家の2匹のワンちゃんは甘えん坊でいっつもくっ付いてきていて それに慣れてしまったから Kaiyaのクールさをすっかり忘れていた(笑)
とりあえず Kaiyaもうれしそうだったってことで まっいっか!

Took a walk in the afternoon,
It is really cold here now.  I can't believe I was wearing T-shirt just a couple days ago in Japan.
Anyways, we met Arrow and we took a walk together a bit and played in a dog park up by the water tower.

朝に到着したので 午後みんなで散歩しに〜!
それはおいといて 早速ダックスフンドのアロー君に会ってちょっと一緒に散歩したりドッグラン行ったりして遊んだよぉ〜!

There are tons of things I wanna share about my trip from Japan.  I even met Kaiya's daddy and mommy and their pack!
I'll post them little by little later on.

日本でのことをたくさんアップしたいけど 徐々にのせていきまぁす!
そうそう Kaiyaのパパとママたちにも会いに行ったしね!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

"Mommy, I'm not leaving!"

I had to work whole day and the only time I could spend time with Kaiya was the morning walk :(

I don't know if she knew that or not...

but when I put her leash and tried to go home 

after running and playing at the usual spot where she likes to play,

she just turned back and lay

She's obviously saying "Mommy, I'm not done yet. Not leaving!"... :p

今日は一日中仕事で 朝の散歩くらいしかKaiyaとの時間がなかった(泣)

それが分かってたのか 分かってなかったのか

いつものKaiyaの大好きな場所で走って遊んで そろそろ行こうと

リードを付けて さぁ帰ろうとしたら

そっぽむいて 伏せしちゃった(笑)

明らかに "マミー まだ行かない!" って言ってるなこりゃ・・・(^^;)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kaiya and the bike

We, Kaiya, daddy, and I, went for a walk together in the afternoon along with shopping.

Daddy was on the bike and was ahead of us.

Kaiya seemed to wanna catch him up so I took the leash off.

She ran soooo fast and disappeared in a second!!

午後から みんなで買い物がてら散歩へ〜



リード外してあげたら 猛ダッシュ!!!


Now it's mommy's turn to ride the bike.

Kaiya, by the way, likes to run next to me when I'm on the bike 

and she's good at keeping it up.

Well, we're gonna go fast, but daddy, you can take time walking!


Kaiyaさん 自転車と一緒に走るのが好きだし上手

なので ダディはゆっくり歩いてきてぇ!


Sweet girl, Kiaya.

She suddenly stop and turned back because she was worried about daddy who's very far back.


ダディが遅くて心配で 止まって待っててあげてまぁ〜す!