Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New friends

Kaiya made new friends, Nova and Shilli. They are very calm and nice dogs.  Nova is the siberian husky which has beautiful ice blue eyes and she is a bit smaller than usual huskies.  Shilli is the terrier and very very independent and calm.  The owner said that he was unusual to be that calm for a terrier.  Kaiya usually gets little scared of dogs which are larger than her but it went very smooth for her to get used to them.  And I think Kaiya can learn a lot from them so I'm glad that she became friends with them :)

今日は, 新しい友達を作ったKaiya。ノバとシリィ。すごく大人しくていい子達。ノバは,  すっごく綺麗な青い目 の少し小さめのシベリアンハスキー。シリィは, 周りに気を取られない, いい意味でのゴーイングマイウェイな大人しいテリア。飼い主さん曰く, テリアにはすごく珍しいく大人しいらしい。Kaiyaは普段自分より大きい犬には少し怖がるけど, 今日はスムーズに仲良くなれた。Kaiyaはこれから色々このワンちゃん達から学べるだろぉなぁ。いい友達ができてよかった(^^)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Missing tooth!!!

I was thinking that it was about time for Kaiya's teeth to start to fall out.  Then I found one of her front teeth was missing!!!

そろそろ歯が生え変わるころかなぁって考えてたら, 前歯一本抜けてるの発見!!!

Kaiya's funny faces of the day↓↓↓


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Off the leash

It was sunny and warm, such a nice day today.  We went to the woods and I let Kaiya off the leash.  She seemed super happy and ran like crazy ;p


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mama's little baby

She was watching me with this sweetest cutest face like saying "play with me, mommy!" while I was doing laundry.

今日は甘えん坊なKaiya。このかわいい顔で, 私が洗濯してる間中見つめられちゃった。遊んで欲しいのね(^_^)

I sat down on the sofa to chill after laundry and suddenly Kaiya dived into the pile of pillows which were lying right next to me.


I played with her a bit and she fell asleep.  She usually goes away to sleep but she kept sleeping right next to me today:)

ちょっと遊んだらすぐ寝ちゃった。いつもなら離れたところに行って寝るのに, 今日は私の横から動かないKaiyaさん。(*´ω`*)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

What've you got there!?

It gets messy like this...actually worse everyday when she starts to chew on her favourite stick.


What've you got there, Kaiya?


Grrrr!!! Don't touch me!!!!!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014


It's cold today!!! Freezing!!!! It's like winter is already here now.
Today's temperature: highest 8 °C/ lowest 0 °C
We went out this morning to take a walk and it was probably around 3 °C.  Kaiya was sitting shivering and being stubborn like saying "it's too cold out and I don't wanna go for a walk!" LOL  Well, eventually I made her jog with me to warm ourselves up.

今日の気温予報: 最高8度, 最低0度。
多分,気温3度くらいの中今朝散歩に出かけた。Kaiyaもやっぱり寒いのか震えて, 散歩行きたくない!って座ったまま動かない(笑) 身体を温めるために動かないKaiyaをなんとか動かして, 2人でジョギングした今朝でした!(^^)

These two photos blow are from the evening walk.  All the sudden she became stubborn and didn't wanna move when we were about to cross the bridge.  Well, I thought she might got little scared from all the noise from a lot of cars and trains so I carried her while going over the bridge.  


Monday, September 22, 2014

Hide and seek

I was hiding behind a tree and called her name.


She realised I wasn't around and ran towards me!!


........Hey hey hey, where are you going!?  She just kept running without noticing me.

・・・あれれれ、Kaiya、どこいくのー!?  私に気づかないで、走り続ける。

I called her again, "Kaiya!!!!"...who passed right by me and went way too far.


Finally she found me and made a quick U-turn. lol


We couldn't take a long walk for almost 2 days  because it rained yesterday and also earlier today.  As soon as it stopped raining, we went out and did a lot of exercise this evening!  She was soooo happy being outside and ran and ran and ran!!!


Laid back sunday

It was raining and there were even lightnings and thunder today.  But Kaiya seemed not afraid of thunder!  She's got some guts or what!?  Anyways, we played inside and watched movies.

今日は雨だし, 雷もだし, お家で遊んだり, 映画みたりしてゆっくりした1日。Kaiyaは, 全然雷が気にならないみたい。たくましい子だわ! 

Sunday, September 21, 2014


We went to Uppsala yesterday.  It takes about 1 hour by train, north out from Stockholm.  Very nice place.  Kaiya, Uncle Kei, Daddy and I took a walk going around the town.  Everyone was looking at Kaiya and whispering how cute Kaiya was:)