Monday, September 22, 2014

Hide and seek

I was hiding behind a tree and called her name.


She realised I wasn't around and ran towards me!!


........Hey hey hey, where are you going!?  She just kept running without noticing me.

・・・あれれれ、Kaiya、どこいくのー!?  私に気づかないで、走り続ける。

I called her again, "Kaiya!!!!"...who passed right by me and went way too far.


Finally she found me and made a quick U-turn. lol


We couldn't take a long walk for almost 2 days  because it rained yesterday and also earlier today.  As soon as it stopped raining, we went out and did a lot of exercise this evening!  She was soooo happy being outside and ran and ran and ran!!!


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