Thursday, March 29, 2018

Mato's new friend / Matoの新しい友達 Mar. 29

Last night when we were in the dog park, Giko came by.

Giko is a Bichon Frise boy who's 4 years old.

He and Kaiya used to be good friends and said hi all the time but because Mato growls every time when we passed by, we couldn't be able to greet.

Since we were at the dog park, we decided to try let them greet.

It's easier and usually goes well when they are off the leash.

And yes, it went well.  Since it was the first time, it was little intense and we have to watch it carefully, but no fight and we were able to be in the same space ;))

Mato made a friend again with a uncastrated boy.

By the way, Kaiya is with a green collar and Mato is with a blue collar.


ギコとKaiyaは友達でよく挨拶してたんだけど 通り過ぎるたんびにMatoが唸るから最近は全然挨拶できなかったんだ〜。

でも昨日はドッグランで リード外して自由に挨拶させられるから 試してみることに!


ってことで うまく行きました( ´∀`)

初回だから ちょっと緊張感があって気をつけてみていなきゃいけなかったけど 喧嘩もしないで 一緒の空間にいれたよぉ〜!

去勢してない男の子とまたお友達になることができて マミーは嬉しいぞ〜!


A while later, Taro, a Shiba boy, joined!!


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

3 blackies / 3黒 Mar. 26

We met Frasse, 8 months old boy, for the first time in a long time and played a bit at the dog park.

フラッセくん 8ヶ月の男の子 久しぶりに会って 少しだけ遊んだよぉ〜。

3 blackies running around :)))


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Daylight saving / 夏時間 Mar. 25

Summer is way too far from here but the summer time started from today.

I totally forgot about it and left home to take a walk this morning after checking the time on the clock on the wall which said 8:30.

Then I looked at my phone to check the time in the middle of the walk, and it said 10:40!!!


"I don't think we walked for two hours yet..."

thinking, thinking, thinking...

"That's right!  Daylight savings!"

Finally, I remembered about it...

Smart phones are really smart changing the time by themselves ;p

夏なんて当分こないスウェーデンだけど 今日から夏時間。

時間が変わるの忘れてたから 朝の散歩で家出る時に壁掛け時計で時間を見たら8時半。

散歩の途中でスマホで時間を見たら 10時40分!!


"いやいやいやいや 2時間はまだ歩いてないぞ〜" 





Anyhow, we had a bright and warm morning so we took a long walk.

This lake (or pound?) was still covered with thick ice.

ってなことで 暖かい今朝はちょいと遠くへ。


Kaiya started digging.

Kaiyaさん ホリホリ始めた〜。

Felt really good with the sun and all!

う〜ん 太陽が出てて 気持ちがいい〜!

Still digging...

まだまだ ホリホリしてるので・・・

Mato was bored as hell...started to chew on a stick while waiting.

暇なMatoは 棒をガリガリ始めた〜。

I thought we could finally go forward and there two big birdies on the way ahead...

やっと進めると思ったら 前方にデカイ鳥が・・・。

We didn't wanna scare the birds so we walked away from them.

But these birds were so being used to people...they didn't go away when kids went up to them.

鳥さんたちをびっくりさせたくないから 私たちは遠回りして。

鳥さんたち人馴れしてて 全然逃げないなぁ。

At a dog park.


Can you find Kaiya is in this photo ↓ ?

さて Kaiyaはどこにいるでしょう↓

Kaiya (left)                 Mato (right)


Mato (left)          Kaiya (right)

Kaiya's targeting Mato again.



Well, we eventually took 2 hour walk.

After the fun morning walk, it's time for....a nap. lol

結果的に2時間ほどのお散歩を楽しんだあとは もちろん・・・


The one who takes a lot of space on the bed is Kaiya ;)


Oh....I see a dog in the  middle of the room...


Dammit...he noticed me...


Half in Half out.


Thanks to the daylight saving, we lost one hour of our sleeping time.  Of course, I got sleepy and took a nap, too.  

When I woke up, it's not only a dog that I found on the floor but daddy, too. lol


起きたら 今度はダディも落ちてた(笑)
Daddy  &  Mato

Naughty Mato! / ダメダメMato! Mar. 24

Today Mato was very naughty.

When we were at our favorite field to have a little free running time in the morning, Mato saw a dog taking a walk on the other side of the water.

He usually doesn't react too much of those who take a walk on the other side but not today.

There's a blue bridge we have to cross over to come to this field.

Even though it's forbidden to cross over it by himself by me, he did it.

He couldn't resist to say hi to that doggie, I guess.

Mommy got so mad!!!!

Luckily, the owner of the dog was a nice guy.  He didn't say anything but he corresponded us with smile.

Well, I was planning to let them run more...unfortunately, I had no choice but go to a dog park instead after that Mato's behavior.

今日はMatoくん ダメダメです。

いつものお気に入りの空き地へ行って遊んでいたら 反対岸にワンチャンが散歩してるのを発見。

いつもはそんなに反応しないのに 今日はなんだかその子が気になるらしく この広場にくるのに渡るブルーの橋を勝手に渡って反対側に行って 勝手に挨拶しに行ってしまわれた😡


マミー カンカン!!!

相手の人は優しい人で 嫌な顔しないで笑顔で応答してくれてよかった〜。

ってなことで もっと空き地で遊ぶ予定だったけど ドッグランへ変更。



Saturday, March 24, 2018

Health check / 健康診断 Mar. 23

We went to the animal clinic yesterday.

But no worries.  No one was in trouble.  We just went there to have a health check for both Kaiya and Mato ;)

Somehow I thought it was gonna take a long time but it went so quick.

First, Mato.  He was being such a very good boy.


ご心配なく。誰も病気 or 怪我はしてないっす!

単なる健康診断( ´∀`)

なぜか時間掛かるかも〜って思ってたんだけど そんなことはなくすんなり早く終わった〜。


A bit nervous though ;)


We put a muzzle on Kaiya who can get scared very easily in case she snaps.


Ears, eyes, paws, hips, heart beats, etc.

Basically, they have no problems at all and they are as healthy as they can get ;)


結果は 2人ともなんの問題もなく 健康そのもの〜!

My healthy gangsters are very energetic today as usual!!

そんな健康なお2人さん 今日も元気〜!