Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Oops / やべ。ヤバイの撮っちゃった。 Mar. 21

We hadn't seen Chili and Carina for a while but finally we took a walk together this morning!

Kaiya got sooooo happy and excited!



Chili          Kaiya

It was sunny and got pretty warm during the day.  The snow melted a lot but where it's still left was very very very slippery.

In the dog park, there was so much ice and slippery, too.  When we were there in the afternoon, they couldn't run much.

今日は太陽も出て結構暖かくなったから だいぶ雪が溶けたけど 残ってるところはツルツル〜。

午後のお散歩の時には ドッグランの中もツルツルで あんまり走り回れなかったよぉ。

Hahahahahahahaha!!!  What the hell!?!?!?

Oooops, I think I took a photo I shouldn't have. Sorry Kaiya, I try not to take a photo when you are shaking it off next time ;p


ブルブルしてるとこをパシャりしたら Kaiyaのヤバイ顔が取れてしまった・・・(´o`;

Sweet baby Mato.  He ran to me even on this icy ground :)))

滑りそうになりながらも ちょいと走って私のとこにくる可愛いMatoちん。

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