Sunday, March 18, 2018

Silence Boy! / 黙れ!小僧!! Mar. 17

Miracle happened this morning...

Daddy who's not a morning person got up as early as I did and took the kids out for the morning walk!!!!

I was happy being able to stay in bed longer but at the same time I felt weird not taking a walk in the morning because it's my routine.

Daddy told me to take a laid back morning but I almost follow them. lol

Anyways, kids took a walk with me in the afternoon instead.

We went to that big dog park in Solna.


ダディが朝私と同じくらいに起きて 朝の散歩に行ってくれた〜!(◎_◎;)

ゆっくりできたのは嬉しいんだけど 朝の散歩が日課だからなんだか変な気分・・・休んでなよって言われたのに むしろ付いて行こうとしてた人(笑)

ってことで マミーとの散歩は午後〜!


Hahahahaha!  That face looks like Moro from the movie Princess Mononoke.

A black version of Moro about to say "Silence! Boy!" lol


今にも "黙れ!小僧!!" って言いそうじゃwwwww

The boy doesn't give in so easily ;)

Time to practice some's just jumping over some logs actually... :p

はいはぁ〜い アジリティーの練習〜!



Hey Mato!!   That's cheating!!

ピッピー!📢 Matoくんそれはズルですよぉ!!

Kaiya's so good at this.   She jumped over it and even glanced at Mato who's cheating ;p

Kaiyaさんはズルっ子Matoをチラ見しながら 余裕〜。

He might be a cheater but no one can resist when he makes face like this, right?? ;)))

And that's Kaiya in the back who's just enjoying rolling on the snow.


Well, that's what happens when you roll over on the snow and ice.  Then you get the snow stuck on you face. lol

ゴロゴロしてたから 雪が顔に付いてるよKaiya😂😂😂(笑)


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