Sunday, May 27, 2018

The hotter the slower / 暑いと遅い May 26

I'm into this series called "Blindspot" right now and watched it until very late last night.

Naturally I woke up later than I was supposed to😓

I could've use a little more sleep but it's time for a walk!

The later the walk, of course, the hotter the temperature.

When it's hot, Kaiya is slow.

So she got to walk by herself 😁

今ハマってるBlindspotって言うドラマを夜中まで見てたら 今朝は寝坊したぜ😛

まだ寝足りなかったけど 散歩 散歩〜!

いつもよりちょっと遅いから もうすでに暑い!


ので Kaiyaさんは1人で歩いてもらいましたw

It seemed like many people were about to go for boating on this fine Saturday!

こんなにいい天気な週末だから 今日は船に乗りに行く人がいっぱいいる感じだったよ〜。

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Morning picnic / 朝のピクニック May 25

Kaiya's heat has been over for a while now and Mato is not too distracted any more so I decided to let them run in the woods today just for a bit.

It seemed like Mato liked that idea more than Kaiya did!

Kaiyaのヒートも終わってからだいぶ立って Matoの気が散漫してたのがよくてなって来たから 久しぶりに森で少し自由時間。

KaiyaよりMatoの方が喜んで 走ってた〜!
Kaiya (left)                 Mato (right)

Kaiya (left)                 Mato (right)

Kaiya (left)                 Mato (right)


Look at this Mato's smile!


Kaiya, on the other hand, was taking it easy. ;p

Kaiyaさん 今日はゆっくりです(笑)

She didn't show her usual speed but casually walked to come to me. lol

とことこ やっと来た。

This one is speedy Gonzales.


Mato (left)                 Kaiya (right)

Usually at the dog park, Kaiya is the one who tries to get Mato to do the chasing game.  He's sort of being nice to her becoming the target and playing along the game.

Today was his day!  He was the one who started to run around, back and forth and seemed like having real fun!

いつもドッグランだと 仕掛けるのがKaiyaで それでしょうがなくKaiyaのターゲットになって走るMatoだけど 今日はMatoのが自分から行ったり来たり走り回って楽しそぉ〜。
Mato (left)                 Kaiya (right)

Mato (left)              Kaiya (right)

After having fun in the woods, we had a picnic on the lawn just by the woods.

Since I had a day off and it was a fine beautiful morning, I packed our breakfast in the backpack before we left home so we could spend the whole morning outside!!

森で走った後は 森出てすぐのところでピクニック!


マミー休みだったし 天気もいいし 午前中はずーっと外で過ごしたよぉ〜!



Thursday, May 24, 2018

Back to our morning routine / シリィとのあさんぽ再開〜 May 23

Finally a morning walk with Chilli!

Chilli was still into Kaiya and got excited but it wasn't that much as we expected.  We were able to walk together with no problem.

As you can guess, Kaiya was very very very happy to see Carina ;)


まだまだKaiyaが気になるシリィだけど 思ってたほどではなくて難なくお散歩できたよ!

KaiyaはKaiyaでカリーナに会えて嬉しくて いつものナメナメ攻撃!w

To our dearest,

今朝は夢で会えて嬉しかった!日本で会えなかったから 夢の中で会いに来てくれたのかな?
夢だからね 細かいことは覚えてないけどね やっぱりお父さんはいつでも優しいお父さんだ。

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Good girl Kaiya / 良い子のKaiya May 22

Simba showed up when we were at the dog park this morning.

He was taking a walk with grandma.

Good morning Simba!

朝ドッグランにいたら シンバ来た。


おはよ シンバ。
Shimba       Kaiya

Mato         Kaiya


Good morning, grandma.

おはよ おばぁちゃん。

Such a good girl Kaiya greeting grandma😊

ちゃんとばぁちゃんに挨拶する 良い子のKaiya😊
Simba         Kaiya

Monday, May 21, 2018

Evening walk of a party of seven / 7人の夜散歩 May 21

Somehow these two were in the mood for running.

They started their chasing game for the first time in a long time this morning at the dog park.

 今朝は珍しく 走りたい気分だったお2人。

ドッグランで だいぶ追っかけっこしてたぞ〜!

This evening, all four of us, Kaiya & Mato & Daddy & Mommy, went out to take a walk together.

And look who we bumped into!


したら ジャジャ〜ン!見て!途中でシンバに会ったよ。

あ。そうそう 空が明るいけど これでもう夜の8時半とか9時近くだからねぇ〜。


Simba & co.  just came out to take a walk, too, so we decided to take a walk all together😉

せっかくだから みんなでお散歩した〜😉


BBQ May 20

Sunny and warm.  Everyone was off from work.  Time to do barbecue!!!

We went to our favorite spot by the lake together with Simba and his mommy and daddy!

天気は最高に晴れて みんなお休みだったから シンバとシンバのパパママとバーベキューしに行って来たよぉ〜!

Chicken hearts and gizzards for Kaiya, Mato and Simba.  They love it!

Kaiya&Mato&シンバ用にも ハツと砂肝を焼いて  3人とも大喜び。

Kaiya found her own spot to chill in the shade.

Kaiyaさんは 自分の場所を確保して だいたいここ涼んでた。

Mato was moving around all the time curious about everything.


and then started to eat the tree. lol

んでもって 木を食べ始めた(笑)

Kaiya was like "mommy, here's more food." lol

No no, Kaiya.  Let the birdies alone, okey?

Kaiya "マミーもっと焼き鳥できるよ。"

マミー "こらこら カモさんたちをそっとしておいてあげて!"

We fully enjoyed the day!

あ〜 楽しかった〜!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Late night walk / 深夜散歩 May 19

Shoot.  I fell asleep before the last walk...we took a very late night walk at 1:30 am :p

It was late and almost no one was walking so Kaiya got to walk by herself off the leash :)

At the dog park, a rabbit showed up just outside the fence and Mato was fixated on it.

やべっ。夜散歩の前にウトウト寝ちゃって 結局深夜1時半の夜中散歩になっちゃった(笑)

こんな夜中だし 人ほとんど歩いてないから Kaiyaさんはノーリードで歩かせて楽チーン(^∇^)

ドッグランに行ったら フェンスの外にウサギが現れて Matoくんの目がギラリ。

We usually do three walks everyday but we had the different schedule today and we took four walks.

That's why these tired babies are sleeping beside me right now ;)

普段は1日3回の散歩だけど 今日はちょっとリズムが違ったから4回。