Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New friends

Kaiya made new friends, Nova and Shilli. They are very calm and nice dogs.  Nova is the siberian husky which has beautiful ice blue eyes and she is a bit smaller than usual huskies.  Shilli is the terrier and very very independent and calm.  The owner said that he was unusual to be that calm for a terrier.  Kaiya usually gets little scared of dogs which are larger than her but it went very smooth for her to get used to them.  And I think Kaiya can learn a lot from them so I'm glad that she became friends with them :)

今日は, 新しい友達を作ったKaiya。ノバとシリィ。すごく大人しくていい子達。ノバは,  すっごく綺麗な青い目 の少し小さめのシベリアンハスキー。シリィは, 周りに気を取られない, いい意味でのゴーイングマイウェイな大人しいテリア。飼い主さん曰く, テリアにはすごく珍しいく大人しいらしい。Kaiyaは普段自分より大きい犬には少し怖がるけど, 今日はスムーズに仲良くなれた。Kaiyaはこれから色々このワンちゃん達から学べるだろぉなぁ。いい友達ができてよかった(^^)

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