Friday, January 8, 2016

Heavy snowfall all day long

This morning we went to the quiet park and Kaiya had a off-the-leash time.

In this dark and snowy weather she had fun running!

Snowing didn't stop at all today!

It was snowing pretty much all day.

今朝は久しぶりに ランニングターイム!!!

朝から 暗くて雪がいっぱい降る中 いっぱい走った〜



"Come now. It's time to go home, Kaiya!"

Good girl... hahaha, you got snow all over you face :)

"家帰るよぉ〜 おいで〜 Kaiya〜"

よっし いい子! って あははは! いっぱい雪ついてんなぁ〜www

Aha, lick and clean, huh? lol

なめて キレイキレイ(笑)