Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Walking in the rain

It rained pretty much whole day.

I took a walk with Kaiya in the morning and at night.

Both times it was raining pretty hard.

I usually don't use an umbrella when it rains but I did use it today!  That's how much it was raining.

Lucky daddy.  He took a walk in the afternoon when it stopped raining once during the day.

Fortunately, daddy and Kaiya went out for about one hour so Kaiya got proper exercise :)

On the other hand, when it's like this weather, there's almost nobody walking outside.

It's easy for us to walk without the leash :)

Kaiya had no leash at all during the night walk and she listened very well!!! :))

We even went to the farther station to surprise daddy who's coming back from work.

The photos are from the morning walk, btw.





ダディが行った午後はちょうど止んでた時で1時間くらい散歩できたらしくて Kaiyaさんも運動不足にならなくてよかった。

こんなお天気の日はあんまり外に人いないから 逆にノーリードでお散歩しやすかったりするんだよねぇ(o^^o)

ってことで 夜は一回もリードつけることなく良い子にお散歩したKaiyaさん。



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  1. 板の道は歩きやすい ほりっほりっマミーこっちだよ Kaiya~!!