Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Get well Daddy!

This morning it was wet on the ground but little by little the sun came out.  

Eventually it became warm and sunny day:)
今朝はちょっと地面が濡れてる様子だったけど 徐々に晴れて 暖かくていい天気な日になったぁ〜!

It's usually daddy who takes Kaiya for a walk in the afternoon.

But daddy wasn't feeling good today...had nausea and tummy ache.

Probably some sort of food poisoning...hope he gets better soon!!

So that's why Kaiya had a long walk with me in the afternoon after I came back from work :)

いつも午後の散歩はダディとだけど 今日はダディ朝から腹痛&吐き気でダウン・・・

多分食あたりだと思うんだけど 何を昨日たべたんだろう・・・早く良くなれダディ!!

ということで 午後は私が仕事から帰ってきてから長い散歩に行ったKaiyaさん。

There was something I guess. She was looking there for a while
tilting her head to the sides...so cute :)))
なんかいたらしく 首をかしげてずっと見てた(笑)

And of course, she refuses to go home.  lol

最後はおきまりの まだ帰りたくないのゴロン(笑)


  1. 首をかしげると色々わかるんだよ マミーも今度やってみて Kaiya~!!