Thursday, August 25, 2016

Summer is back!

Summer came back to Sweden!

It's been really warm this week and I can't believe it was so cold that we wore jackets last week.


先週は冬まっしぐらみたいだったのに 昨日今日なんてアイスが食べたくなる暖かさ!!

It's a chance to enjoy the sun!!!.....but I couldn't...

Stupid of me, I sprained my ankle again this morning!!!!!

I don't know what's wrong with my legs.  They became so weak.

Though it wasn't that serious this time because I could still walk and went to work even.

Kaiya and I became couch potatoes after I came home.

It's the best to rest and ice my sprained ankle.

にもかかわらず 今朝の散歩の時にまた足首をひねって 軽い捻挫をしてしまった ありえない私・・・。

仕事には頑張って行ったけど 帰ってきたらひねった足を高くしてひたすら冷やしながら Kaiyaとダラダラ〜(笑)


  1. ほら、マミー 足を上げるときはこうやるんだよ Kaiya~!!

    1. マミーの方がうまいぞ! Kaiya〜!!