Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Rättvik ①

The last weekend of our vacation, we went up to Rättvik in Dalarna county.

That's where Simba's grandma has house at.

Daddy and I have been there once about two years ago.  But this is Kaiya's first time!

Simba's family, uncle Kay and his family, and us three stayed at her house together!

It's a 3-hour drive from Stockholm! Road trip!!! Yey!!

Simba's family in their car and uncle Kay's family and us in uncle Kay's car.

Thank you uncle Kay for driving us!!!

Kaiya, on the other hand, was being a very good girl.

She was actually nervous a little since this is her first long drive.

Later on, she got tired of being nervous and she slept leaning her head on my shoulder :)))

Sooooo CUTE!!  I wish she does that all the time at home, too :p

さーて 夏休み最後 8/5、6、7とダーラナ地方のレットヴィークというところへプチ旅行!


実は シンバのおばあちゃんの家があるところだよぉ〜!

ダディと私は2年前に1回行ったことがあるけど Kaiyaはこれが初めて!

シンバの家族に Kaiyaの大好きなケイおじさんとケイおじさんの家族 と私たちの大勢で おばあちゃんの家にお泊まり!

2台の車で レッツゴー!

私たちはケイおじさんが運転する車に乗って 助手席に乗った私の膝の上でいい子にしてたKaiyaさん。

普段車に滅多に乗らないし 今回は長時間車に乗ってたから ちょいと緊張気味でずーっと私の膝の上でお座りして外を見てた。

横になって寝ればいいのに〜って思ったけど なかなかリラックスできず。

それでも疲れて 途中で私の方に首をかけて寝てた(≧∇≦)




We stop at the burger stand on the way.

They have really good burgers with so much fries and cheap!!!


ここのバーガーは安くてボリュームあってめっちゃポテトフライ付いてて うっまいんだぁ〜!!

Finally, we are here!!!!

As soon as we got out of the car, Kaiya and Simba went crazy!!

I wish we had a garden like this!!!

Well, it's too dark.  Let's take a long walk in the morning :)

やっとこさ おばあちゃん家に着いて車から降りると 大はしゃぎのこの2人!


着いたのが遅くて もう暗くなってきてたから 長いお散歩は明日ねぇ〜!

Next morning, we went for a walk with Simba!

次の日の朝 シンバとお散歩〜!


Kaiya got off from the road and ran up in the field all the sudden!!

Maybe she got too excited being in a lot of nature and the big field.

She ran and ran and ran up to where I almost couldn't see her with my eyes and then came back down.

Then a guy from this house by the field saw Kaiya running and shouted at us saying that it's forbidden going in that field and put the leash on the dog.

I've only encountered the dog-loving friendly neighbours around here.  I got shocked by this incident :(



目で見える一番遠いところらへんまで行って戻ってきたけど それを見てた近くの家のおっさんに"犬つなげ〜!"って怒られちゃったよぉ(^^;;

今まで会ったここら辺の近所の人たちはみんな犬好きのいい人たちばっかりだから こんな怒鳴る人珍しいわぁ。

Well, let's play in the garden instead!

ってことで 続きは庭で走り回りなさい!( ´θ`)ノ

Daddy started to play with a drone :))



  1. うささんでもないし、鳥さんでもないし 何・ドロ~んン Kaiya~!!

    1. ちょっとビクビクKaiyaさんだったねぇ〜( ̄ー ̄)