Saturday, August 6, 2016

Trip to Sandhamn ①

We had another trip on Aug. 2nd and 3rd.

This time was to the place called Sandhamn, a small settlement located on the island Sandön.

The London trip was a birthday present to daddy from me and now this trip was vice versa.

Although I love to travel or just to go somewhere new, even nearby, I haven't gone around within Sweden since I moved here.

Ooooooh, this was such a treat!

8月2日と3日の1泊2日で Sandön(サンドオーン)という島のSandhamn(サンドハム)という小さな町へ 行ってきました!

ロンドン旅行は私からのダディへのプレゼントだったけど この旅はダディから私へのバースデープレゼント!


スウェーデン国内はあまり旅行したことがないので めっちゃウッキウッキ〜!!!

It takes about 2 hours by the boat to go to Sandhamn.

We got up early and left home.

Then daddy realized he forgot his card before we got on the train...he went back home and picked up the card.  Then he insisted to get some coffee before we got on the train since, he said, we still had enough time.

So we took next train and finally got to the port.  Then he was like "I can't find the boat we are supposed to take!"...

We found out that our boat was at the other port on the other side across the water.

7 minutes left until the boat was to leave.

We ran and ran and ran with a lot of stuff in our hands.

I never thought we could make it.  It looked so far!! But somehow we made it!!!!

Thank god we were not in Japan where everything goes exactly the timetable says.

You know what, it wasn't somehow we made it.  It was because the boat left about 10-15 minutes later than the actual departure time :p


さぁ 早起きしてしゅっぱーつ!!!


にもかかわらず途中でコーヒー買って次の電車にして それでも十分時間があるって言い張るダディ。

地下鉄で 港の最寄り駅で降りて 船乗り場で私たちの乗る船を探すが・・・なーい!!!

係員に聞いたら "その船は橋を渡って反対側だよ!"



船は見えてるのに橋まで行くのが遠くて 絶対間に合わないって思ったけど なんとかセーフ!!!

こういう時 時間きっかりの日本じゃなくてよかった〜って思う。

何せセーフと言えど 船の出発が遅れてただけだったぁ(笑)

Kaiya was little shaky at the beginning but she was being a good girl in the whole 2-hour boat ride.
最初は少しぶるってたけど 2時間の船旅中ちゃんといい子に大人しくしてたKaiyaさん。

At last!  Sandhamn!!!

I didn't even have a second to take picture of the boat so here it is!


出発前に写真取れなかったから 船降りてから!

The map of the island.

This is the hotel we stayed.

This Seglarhotell is actually a luxurious hotel.  Normally it costs very much. 

But but but!  Super luckily one of daddy's friends works here.  We got a special price ;)

They are not on the photo but they prepared a dog bed, a blanket, a water bowl, and a food bowl. 

Yes, Kaiya had everything :)


実はこのホテルすごくいいホテルでめっちゃ高いらしいのですが ダディの友達が働いていて 友達料金でステイできましたぁ〜!! ラッキーーーーー!!!

部屋には犬用ベッド&ブランケット そして水&フード容器が用意されてて Kaiyaさんも至れり尽くせり!(笑)

There were a few cafe, bars, and restaurants on this island.

Most of the houses on the island looked very old, Swedish traditional style with red color.

Now let's take a walk and go around the island!

カフェ、レストラン、バーが数件しかなく ほとんどの建物が歴史があるスウェーデン伝統的な赤のお家が多かったなぁ〜。

ってことで 島を一周するためにお散歩へ!

Daddy was secretly takin pictures... :p

Blueberry forest!  Literally this forest was covered by blueberry bushes.

She jumped straight up out of the blue.
突然 垂直 ジャーンプ!

Then she crept under the bush.

She's up now.

Wow, again!
I guess she was chasing some bugs :p
またも ジャーンプ!


She seemed like she didn't care about the waves this time!

There were some private beaches.  We couldn't just walk by the water to go around the island.
プライベートビーチとかもあって このまま水沿いを歩いて島一周できなかったぁ(; ̄ェ ̄)

Look! Windsurfs!
OMG, the last time I windsurfed was a couple of years ago...I used to go windsurf with my dad... I miss it!!

Taking a break after 2-hour walk :)))
よく歩いたから 休憩です!


  1. マミー 泳ぐの嫌いだけど ウィンドやってみたいな~ Kaiya~!!

    1. 逆にウインドに一緒に乗れたら めっちゃすげーよ Kaiya〜!!

  2. KAIYAも夏休みを思いっきり楽しんでいるね。うちのALLEXもお供したかっただろうな。

    1. アレックスは 今度日本の時に車でどっかに連れてってやるかぁ!