Monday, November 20, 2017

Covered in white / 白い景色 Nov. 20

Ok.  Snow for real this time.  

When I went out on the balcony to check the temperature outside before we went out for a walk this morning, I realized that half of the streets were covered in white... snow!!!

The smell of other dogs and other animals stays more on the snow.  Kaiya and Mato sniffed around intensively even more than usual.

ついに 積もったよぉ〜 ちょっとだけど。

今朝起きて 散歩に出る前にバルコニーに出て外の温度を確かめようと思ったら なんか白い。雪だよ。積もったよ。

雪が積もると 雪を通った後のいろんな動物の臭いが残るから いつもに増してクンクン。

Chilli and Mato had fun at the dog park.  They got their favorite mitten of Carina's and chased after each other ;)

ドッグランでは カリーナの手袋をめぐってシリィとMatoが追いかけっこだよぉ〜!

Right after we came out from the dog park, Bianca came !!!

We wanted to go back to the dog park to let them play together since it's been a long seeing Bianca.

Unfortunately, she had her heat so this time we said hi and then bye right a way.

All three were fixated on Bianca. lol

さて先へ進もうと ドッグランを出たら 後ろからビアンカが来たー!!!

でも ビアンカはヒート中だったから ちょっと挨拶したら バイバイしたよぉ〜!

みんなでビアンカをガン見!( ´ ▽ ` )
Kaiya (left)                  Mato (right)

Kaiya (left)                     Mato (right)


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