Saturday, November 11, 2017

Mato recovered / Mato回復 Nov. 11

This week Mato had the runs but he was energetic as usual, had appetite and hydrated as much as usual so we weren't so worried.

But on Thursday evening, he looked little down and doesn't move too much then mommy and daddy got very worried.

I called one of the animal hospitals that opened late and asked them if we should come in right a way.

At first, they told me to take his temperature see if he had a fever or not.  If he doesn't, then we could wait until the next day to see a vet.

His temperature was 38.4°C which normal.  I was told that the average temperature for dogs is 38°C to 39°C.

But since we were worried sick, we decided to take him to the vet the next day as soon as the place opened.

We actually called the animal hospital before we were about to leave home.

The nurse who talked to us on the phone told us that it's better to stay home and let him rest instead of coming to the hospital and wait for long time since we didn't have appointment.

She also gave us detailed instructions what to do to get him better.

The first thing was to get 2 different kinds of medicine at a pharmacy.

The pharmacies in Sweden sells a variety of medicines for animals especially dogs and cats.

Secondly, to feed him very little portion of cooked rice and white fish but more frequently.

I made porridge with rice and white fish for Mato before I went to work.  Daddy worked late on that day so he went and got the medicine as soon as the pharmacy opened.

Daddy told me that Mato slept a lot after he took the medicine and in the afternoon he got so much better that they took a long walk and he could even jump up on the bed!

Because the day before either his butt or tummy was in pain, he could barely sit and walk.

When I got home from work, he came to the door to say hi to me.  That just made my day!

今週はMatoくんのお腹の調子が悪くて ピーピー気味だったんだけど元気もあるし 食欲もあるし 水分もしっかりとってるから心配してなかったら 木曜日の夕方から なんだか元気がなくてマミー&ダディはちょー心配。

即 動物病院に電話して見てもらいに行ったらいいか聞いてみたら とりあえず熱を測って 熱がなければ一晩様子を見ることに。

熱を測ったら 38.4°Cで 犬の平熱38°C〜39°Cの間だから 熱はなかった。

だけど 元気ないから次の日の朝動物病院が開くと同時に連れて行こうと決めて 次の日の朝行く前に 病院に電話。

電話で対応してくれた看護師さんが 予約なしでこの時間に来ても病院で長い時間待つことになるから それなら家で休んでた方がいいってことで 細かい指示を受けて 病院には行かないことに。

受けた指示の1つ目は 薬局に行って薬をゲットすること。




私はご飯を用意して朝から仕事へ。遅始めのダディが薬を買いに行ってくれてMatoの様子を見ててくれたんだけど 薬をあげてから どんどん元気になったって!

午前中はよく寝てて 午後には長い散歩にも行けて ベッドの上にもジャンプできるくらいに!

前日はお腹もしくはお尻が痛かったのか座るのも大変そうだし 歩くのもすごく遅かったのに 私が家に帰って来たら いつものように玄関までお出迎えしてくれたよぉ〜!


Well, he still eats this porridge instead of regular food but he's totally fine now!  This morning, he was forced to run by Kaiya ;p

ってことで 様子見でまだ普通のご飯はあげてないけど 元気にいっぱいになったMatoは今朝Kaiyaに無理やり誘われて 一緒に走ってた〜!
Such a beautiful morning!



Mato (left)             Kaiya (right)

Mato (left)                Kaiya (right)

Kaiya (left)              Mato (left)

Kaiya (left)              Mato (left)

Mato (left)              Kaiya (left)

Kaiya (left)              Mato (left)

Kaiya (left)              Mato (left)

Kaiya (left)              Mato (left)




  1. Mato元気になって良かったね...パパ~!!

    1. ほんとか Kaiya!?
      調子悪いMatoにドッグランでちょっかい出して アタックしてたじゃないかぁ!!!(笑)