Saturday, June 6, 2015


Finally summer's coming here!

Super warm today! Up to 19C°.  Felt like one summer day!

Now I can wear a tank and get tanned! :)

We gotta get out!!  I took Kaiya out for a long walk as soon as I finished work.





張り切って 仕事終わってから長い長い散歩をしました!!!

Too nice and warm, getting thirsty, huh?


Kaiya, too, was happy with the weather.  She ran like crazy!!!

Kaiyaも天気いいからうれしすぎて 狂ったように走り回ったねぇ〜(笑)

Many boats and canoes are out on the lake!

船やらカヌーやら いっぱい出てるぅ!

She's got something in her mouth now.


A cork?


You look a little scary, Kaiya!

顔こわいぞぉ Kaiyaさ〜ん!

First time for Kaiya running along with the bike I was riding today!

I thought she would get scared running next to a bike but she did a good job 

and she seemed to like doing it!


いい運動になったし 上手に一緒に走れたね!

I got a call from Marissa (Pac's mommy) this afternoon 

for a help to take care Pac until tomorrow night.

So Pac came to stay with us!

Pac and Kaiya are good buddies now!

I remember when Kaiya met Pac for the firs time, she was afraid of him.

But now she gets excited even when I only mention his name :)

そしてそして 急遽パックがお泊まりしにくることに!!


一番最初に会ったときは 恐がってたKaiyaだけど

最近はパックの名前を出しただけで 喜ぶ!(^^)

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