Thursday, June 11, 2015

Follow mommy in the water!

Yesterday we went to see a veterinarian.
Kaiya's been biting her paws...they probably itch.
Since she does that a lot, lately it's worse, the hair fell off and I can literally see the skin in some parts.
Plus, she's been scratching her face, around her nose, too, I can see some scratch marks and bit of blood.
We thought it would be good to have a check up with a vet for once.

Biting paws actually happened before but we figured out to fix that problem.
I heard that when some dogs eat too much food which contains chicken, they start to bite their paws.
So I stopped giving Kaiya chicken, then it went away and her paws got better and went back to normal.
But this time it didn't get any better.
I've been putting some healing cream on her paws everyday but she licks so I don't think it's not really working as it should be.

Although Kaiya had check up from a vet, we still do not know exactly what's causing this.
The vet said it's gonna take a while to find out what and cure it completely.
We start with this Frontline like thing which stops a flea infestation.
Also we start to give her only this dry food for allergy for a while.
I hope something gonna work and her paws will get better soon.

昨日は 獣医のとこに行ってきました
というのも Kaiyaさん 足の甲を痒いらしく よくカミカミしていて
毛が薄くなってきてたのが 最近余計ひどくなった感じ
プラス 鼻のあたりも痒いらしく かきすぎてすこし傷ができてたようなので

以前足をカミカミしてたときは チキンのフードを食べ過ぎるとそうなると聞いたので
チキンものを控えたら 治ったのに 今回はなかなか治らず
ヒーリングクリームを毎日塗ってるけど なめちゃうし これもまた効果はあまりなし

獣医さんに見てもらったけど 原因がはっきりしないから 治るまで時間がかかりそうだ
とりあえず ノミ・ダニ駆除の薬をもらって

Anyways, today up to 20°C.
I took Kaiya out to the woods as soon as I got home from work.
I wore flip flops and shorts so I could go in the water hoping Kaiya would follow me in farther than usual.
......Not happening....she went in the water but as far as she usually goes.
Oh well, summer(?) has just started.  She maybe jumps in the water herself when it gets hot! :)

ということで 今日は20度まで上がってめっちゃあったかーい!
仕事終わってそっこでチャリこいで帰って Kaiyaを森まで連れてった!
ハーパン履いて サンダル履いて 今日は私が水に入る準備万端でレッツゴー!
しかし 水はまだ冷たかったぁ・・・まだ泳げないなぁ

Kaiya in the air!

Every time some boats pass by, they give some waves to the shore.

Digging by the water...wonder what she was after...
そんなとこで穴掘って水入ってきてるけど なにかあったのかい?

Little break.
Mommy's gonna take a nap.  Kaiya, don't you go too far ok!?
疲れたから ちょっと休憩
マミーは昼寝するから Kaiyaさん遠くまで行っちゃダメだよぉ〜

She's into little bugs :p


  1. 甲斐犬カイ♂June 12, 2015 at 3:50 AM

    散歩の時は 何時もポケットにドックフードを入れておいて
    アンナさんが水の中に入って ドックフードを見せながら kaiyaを呼ぶ・・・
    そうすると 水に入ってくるかも・・・キララはそうしました

    1. ドッグフード試したんですが 途中までくるけど 私のところまでは来なかったんです(ToT)

    2. ドッグフード試したんですが 途中までくるけど 私のところまでは来なかったんです(ToT)

  2. かいかいカイヤさん、良くなってマイティKAIYA~!! になってくださいね。