Tuesday, March 31, 2015


We met Robin this morning!

It had been a long time since they played together.

They ran a lot!!

Unfortunately, I had to go work so we couldn't stay too long :(

今朝は ロビン君に久しぶりに会った!

いっぱい走って遊んだ Kaiya

私が仕事行かなきゃいけなかったから あんまり長い時間遊べなかったけどね(^^;)

By the way, lately Kaiya's been acting very cautious 

when someone wants to say hi to her.

When people try to touch her to say hi, she barks.

I try to calm her down saying it's okey when that happens

but she doesn't let her guard down so easily.

On the other hand, she happily goes to say hi to those owners of her dog friends!

そういえば最近 警戒心が強くなってきたKaiyaさん


そうゆう時は ひたすら 大丈夫だよ となだめているけど 警戒バリアをあまりゆるめない

ところが こうやって犬友の飼い主さんには 


↑ Robin's daddy and Kaiya

↑ ロビンのお父さんとKaiya

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  1. 犬好きの人がよくわかるKAIYA~ 良い子だね!!