Monday, March 9, 2015

16 c°

Such a warm and beautiful spring day it was !!!

A little break from the left over winter weather and it was up to 16 c°!

...usually it's around 4 or 5 c° during the day.

First I was thinking to do a quick morning walk and come back out later to do a long walk or a jog even.

But Kaiya also loved the weather and she was the one who wanted to go further and further.

Never wanted to go home at all.

Eventually we did about one and a half hour walk in the morning.

She even went into water again!!!

...unfortunately my stupid phone lost the data so no pics of Kaiya in the water :(

Anyways, we enjoyed the day!

今日は 最高16度で 初の春日和!!!

いつもなら最高4、5度で まだまだ冬な寒さだけど 今日は奇跡だ!

とりあえず 朝の散歩をちゃちゃっと済ませて 

ご飯食べてから 長い散歩かジョギングに出てこようかなって考えてたけど 

Kaiyaさんもこの天気でご機嫌で どんどん遠くに行きたがって帰らない 帰らない(笑)


しかも またKaiya水に入った! 昨日より浸かってた!

残念ながら 携帯で写真取ったらそのデータが消えてしまって Kaiyaの水の中の写真はなしです(泣)

まっとにかく この貴重な暖かい春の日をKaiyaも私も満喫〜!


  1. KAIYAは泳ぎの達人になるかな~!!