Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sleeping beside me

I took a loooong nap....I think I fell asleep around 5pm on the sofa in the living room.
There was this one time Kaiya came and sort of woke me up.
I petted her a little and I fell asleep again.
I remember that she jumped on the sofa and lay down right next to me.
This is really rare.
She almost never cuddles.
I mean she sleeps on the bed with us but not that close as she did today side by side.
I was feeling happy and closed my eyes.

Next time when I woke up, I picked up my phone and checked what time it was.
It was already 19:40.
"Oooooh Shit!"
I slept too much for a nap and it was way passed Kaiya's meal time.
She probably came up to me trying to say it was time to give her food when she woke me up.

I felt a little sore on my throat and was really tired today.
That's probably why a nap became a real sleep...
She must have noticed that I was feeling little sick and slept with me...otherwise I don't think she would have slept beside me.
What a sweet girl ;)

今日はかなり長い昼寝をしてしまった・・・たしか5時くらいだったかな リビングのソファの上でおちたの・・・
一回だけKaiyaが私のとこにきてちょっと起こしてくれたけど 眠すぎて ちょっとなでてあげてから また寝てしまった
でも Kaiyaがソファの上に上がってきて私の隣に横になったのは覚えてる!
なぜなら Kaiyaはこういうことあまりしないんだよねぇ(^^;)
甘えてきて膝の上で寝たりすることなんて 全くないから 私の真横しかもくっついて寝てるぅ〜 ってハッピーになってそのまま また夢の中へ(笑)

次に目が覚めたときに携帯に手を伸ばして時間をチェックしたら なんと19時40分!!!
しかも Kaiyaのご飯の時間をすっごい過ぎてるし!
多分 起こしにきてくれたとき "ご飯の時間だよ" って言いにきたのかも
ごめん Kaiya!

でも 今日はなんか喉がちょっと痛くなり始めてて かなりお疲れモードだったから 本気寝をしちゃったんだろうと思う
Kaiyaは 私がちょっと具合悪いのをさっして一緒に寝てくれたのかなぁ〜


  1. 甲斐犬カイ♂March 7, 2015 at 1:49 AM

    甲斐犬はそう言う所 あるよねー
    それだけご主人様の事を見ているから 可愛いね
    kaiya最高の犬だ 偉い

    1. ホントに最高 自慢の子です!(^^)