Sunday, March 22, 2015

Snow and the Sun

As you can see, everything was covered in white this morning.

It snowed more than I thought last night.

I let Kaiya off the leash at the park since I know that she loves snow and run in it.

She went after birdies and lost her from my sight once but she came back right away :)

見ての通り 今朝外は真っ白



なので 公園で放してあげた

鳥をマッハで追っかけて一回姿が消えたけど すぐにちゃんと戻ってきた(^^)

Although it was really really cold, I gotta admit that it was really really beautiful with snow and the sun!

かなり寒かったけど 雪に太陽に めっちゃ綺麗だぁ〜

This is how she protests.  

Sunbathing and sitting tight on the snow "Mommy, I don't wanna go home!" lol

雪の上に座って日光浴しながら 家に帰りたくないって 抗議してます!(笑)

An extra funny photo of the day.

Daddy always does something funny and makes us laugh.

But look at Kaiya's face....she's like "What the heck...." lol



よく見ると後ろにいるKaiya 飽きれた顔してるぅ(笑)

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