Saturday, March 21, 2015

Solar eclipse

I didn't really know but there was a solar eclipse today.

I was talking to one of the dog owners at the dog park and told me that.

Unfortunately, it was all cloudy today and couldn't even see it at all.

Moreover, it snowed today!!  It is still snowing actually.

I love to have snow during the winter 

but not really appreciate snow in the beginning of the spring...:( 

No wonder it was super cold today!

I was freezing in the room with window open which I usually keep open.

知らなかったけど 今日は日食があったらしい・・・(^^;)


残念ながら 今日はめちゃめちゃ曇りで 日食なんてみれなかったけどね

しかもしかも 雪降ったよ! ってかまだ降ってるよぉ〜

冬の雪は好きだけど 暖かくなってきた春先の雪はごめんだぜぃ(;_;)

いつも部屋の窓あけとくけど どうりで今日は部屋が冷えたわけだ

Kaiya this morning

She found something and got into it.


公園で何かを見つけて 格闘中

At the dog park

played with Stilton again!

ドッグランでは 昨日遊んだスティルトンと

After Stilton, played with Shilli!

It's been a long time to play with Shilli and they ran and ran!

Kaiya loves to run but Stilton didn't really run with Kaiya cuz he loved to play with a ball

so she needed this!




シリィと追いかけっこして遊んで 大満足!

Just remembered this↓photo back about a half year ago

when we first met Shilli

I thought Shilli was a big fella but now that Kaiya grew a lot 

Shilli looks not so big :)

そうそう こんな頃をふと思い出した

↓ 去年の9月に 最初にシリィに会ったとき




And then, another guy came to the dog park after Shilli.

First seeing this little mini boxer looking guy.

It didn't matter for Kaiya, she just played a lot with him even though they met for the first time.

But playing with 3 guys made Kaiya sooo beat

...she was lying down and resting at the end. lol

その次には 初めて見る子がやってきた



3匹と順番に遊んで けっこー疲れたみたいで 


This white stuff on Kaiya is the snow...

このKaiyaについてる白い粒 雪です

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