Sunday, October 2, 2016

Where is daddy?

Waking up seeing the sunshine coming in through the window today...what a good weather!!

The air was chilly but it was refreshing taking the walk in the morning!
いやぁ〜 今日はいい天気だったぁ〜!

空気は全然冷たいんだけど 朝から強い日差しで 気分が上がる〜!

Though Kaiya wanted to go to the train station in stead of going into the nature...

にも関わらず 自然の多い方じゃなくて 駅に向かいたがるKaiyaさん・・・

"We are not taking the train today!"

Come to think of it, Kaiya thought she could go where daddy was.

Yesterday daddy visited his friend's and stayed over night there.

It was only Kaiya and me at home...girls night!!! ;p...but I guess Kaiya thought weird not seeing daddy home at night.

Since we went to the station together to say bye when daddy was leaving yesterday, she remembered it and she might've thought she could go get daddy if she got on the train :p

You are such a smart girl, Kaiya!


実は昨日ダディが友達のところに泊まりに行って Kaiyaと私の二人だけの夜〜。

ダディが帰ってこなかったから ダディのところへ行こうと思ったのかな?




She spent most of the time chewing some sticks on the afternoon walk...we couldn't walk much :(

午後の散歩は 棒をガリガリばかりで前に進めない散歩だった〜(笑)

Both yesterday and today, I had to work.  Kaiya stayed home alone for long hours.

She gave daddy and me smiling face and super welcoming kisses when we got home.

That just made my day :)

昨日も今日も私は仕事だったから 一人で長い時間いい子にお留守番だったKaiyaさん。

私が帰ってきた時も ダディが帰ってきた時も 笑顔で出迎えしてくれて 疲れが吹っ飛ぶのぉ〜(≧∇≦)


  1. 疲れが吹っ飛ぶ~ それって私のおかげです。 Kaiya~!!

    1. そういうことなんです!Kaiya〜!!

  2. 甲斐犬カイ♀October 3, 2016 at 11:19 AM


    1. 改札あたりまで行ってKaiyaが私の顔を覗いた時に 可愛すぎて思わず笑っちゃったけど ホント賢いと思った!
      マトが来たら ひとりぼっちじゃないから私たちも安心してお留守番頼めるよぉ!(≧∇≦)