Sunday, October 9, 2016

A little accident / ちょっとしたアクシデント

Kaiya's been having runs since the day before yesterday.

I was in the dream land so I didn't even notice but she woke daddy up in the middle of the night to go outside last night.

And she wanted to go again early this morning.  This time she woke me up ;)

I guess it rained last night.  Everything was wet outside.

And the whole day was no-sun-at-all-cloudy and on-and-off-rainy.


夜中にダディを起こしたらしいけど 私はそんなことも知らずに夢の中でした。

夜中に外に連れてってもらってたけど 朝早くにまたトイレ行きたくて今度は私を起こして朝の散歩へ!


今日は1日中雨が降ったり止んだり 久しぶりの太陽が見えない天気でした。

Unfortunately, both daddy and I had to work this evening and Kaiya had to be home alone for some hours.

However, since she had a tummy problem, she pooed inside.

Poor Kaiya, she thought I got angry at her when I started to clean it up and tried to go away from me.

No no no, it's okey Kaiya.  I tried to soothe her.  It was a real emergency and we couldn't be there so it's not your fault.

This was the first time she pooed in the apartment and I bet it was hard for her to do it inside but she had no choice... :(

You know what though!?  She was so smart doing it in the kitchen floor where it's easy for me to clean instead of on the carpet in the bedroom ;p

そしてそして ダディと私は夕方から仕事でKaiyaさん1人お留守番。

よっぽど我慢できなったんだろうなぁ 初めて家の中でウ◯チしちゃった。

絨毯の上じゃなくて 掃除のしやすいキッチのフロアでしたところが 賢い!!(笑)

私が片付けを始めたら 怒られると思って私から離れていくから 大丈夫だよってなだめてあげましたぁ〜!

After the morning walk, I was siting in front of my Mac doing a lot of thing while having my coffee.
Somehow I turned back and there she was sleeing in the middle of the room.  lol
When I took my phone to take a photo, she got up like this but she was REALLY chilling behind me :)))
朝の散歩が終わって コーヒー飲みながらパソコンで調べ物やらなにやらいろいろして ふと振り返ると
いた Kaiya。カメラ向けたらおき上がっちゃったけど 私の後ろでデーンと寝てた(笑)

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  1. マミー 失敗許してくれてありがとう Kaiya~!!