Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mato 8th day at my parents' home (2016/10/14) / Mato 実家8日目

Wow!  I'm impressed Moto!

You know, Kaiya would just run away from the vacuum if it were this close to her.  She keeps certain distance and wouldn't let herself be this close at the first place.

Mato, on the other hand, got very interested in it and just sat there watching.

He is something!

おっ Mato すげぇ〜。

今日は掃除機に興味津々だったみたいだけど Kaiyaなんかこんなに掃除機が近づいてきたら確実に逃げる ってかこんな近くにいれない(^^;)

Matoは肝が座ってんなぁ。( ̄ー ̄ )

With Alex in the garden.

Mato used to be around adult Kais.   I think he likes to play someone big as Alex.

Alex is a very kind boy.  He actually has a Kai boy friend, who's living with one of my relatives in the neighborhood.

Thanks Alex for playing with Mato :)


今まで成犬の甲斐たちと一緒にいたから 大きいアレックスと遊ぶ方がいいみたい(^^)

アレックスは優しい男の子で 近所に住んでる親戚の家の甲斐犬の男の子とも友達で仲がいいんだなぁ。

Matoとも遊んでくれて アレックスありがとぉ〜!

Mom thinks that Jay's not fast enough for Mato to play with :p

ママ曰く ミニピンのジェイの動きはMatoには物足りないみたい だって(^^;)

Mom had a Koto lesson.  While she was gone, he was outside.  No need to worry about wall paper today, I guess.  lol

ママがお琴のお稽古に行っている間 外でお留守番だったMato。

Night walk.


Today is Friday which means dad comes back from Tokyo!

Mom and Mato went to pick dad up.  It was the first car ride together for Mato and mom :)



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  1. Mato お迎えありがとう はいな~ マトマト...トマト