Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mato 24th day at my parents' home (2016/10/30) / Mato 実家24日目

Do you know what's happening today??

It's the day for Kai Ken Aigokai dog show!

And look at him!  He finally got used to riding a car, I guess. 

さてさて 今日は待ちに待った甲斐犬愛護会展覧会。


って こやつ だいぶ車に慣れて なんだろうこの威張った感んじ(笑)

I learned that Mato's little shy todya.

When we got to the place full of people and dogs, his legs were shaking and couldn't walk at first.

Kaiya is not good at going to some events where it's crowded with people.  I really hope that Mato won't be like that.


人がたくさん犬がたくさんで 最初足ブルでなかなか歩けなかった(^^;)

Kaiyaが人がたくさんいる場所 イベント会場はかなりの苦手だから Matoには慣れて欲しいな。

We met Sumomo at first!!

I've seen Sumomo before but for Mato it's a first time!

She's such  a friendly girl and she really wanted to play with Mato but he was being too shy :(((

まずは すももちゃん発見!!!

Matoは初めまして。すももちゃんの積極的なお誘いに ちょっと引っ込み思案。


This is Ren.  He's from Minami Alps Kennel and Hana's son.

これは南アルプス犬舎のハナの仔 レン。

Mr. Arisumi leading Mato!

南アルプス犬舎のお父さんに引かれて 頑張って人&犬のいっぱいなところを歩きます!

I came to the fall Kai Ken Aigokai dog show last year.  I think it's a lot more people than last year.

去年の秋展に来たけど 今年は去年より人が多い気がする。

This is Nico, also from Minami Alps Kennel.  Natsu's son.

じゃじゃん!こちらも南アルプス犬舎のナツの仔 ニコ!

These two played real hard and it was almost never ending

Thanks Nico for playing with Mato!!  He fell asleep right a way when he got home :))))


おかげでかなり疲れて今夜はぐっすり(-_^) ニコちゃん遊んでくれてありがとぉん!

He can't say no to food...and so can't his mommy... ;p

食べ物に目がないMato。・・・あっ アタシと同じじゃん!(笑)


Her name is Ichi and she's 3 month old!

こちらMatoよりちょっと年下 3ヶ月のイチちゃん。

Well, I guess he's interested in a big guy than the little girl in his age.


These puppies are all from Minami Alps Kennel.

Top left: Akari (mother: Hana)
Top right: Natsume (mother: Natsu)
Bottom right: Ren (mother: Natsu)
Bottom left: Mato

They all grew up together before they went to their furevver home:)))

That's why they played sooooo much and had a great time!!!

ってことで 南アルプス犬舎出身の仔たちに合流して いっぱい遊んだよぉ〜。



Hey Ken!

Ken is cousin of Mato.  Ken took a real good care of Mato when they lived together.  Ken's like a big bro for Mato!

おっ ケン兄!

ケンはMatoの従兄弟だし 南アルプス犬舎にいた頃いっぱい遊んでもらった面倒見のいいお兄ちゃん!

Ken's real popular among all the puppies!


Hahahaha.  What the hell are these two doing, looking at Akari like that! lol

なんだろう この2人・・・。めっちゃ同じ格好でアカリちゃん凝視してる(笑)

They play rough even they are little! :))


Natsu me on his mom's shoulder :p

肩乗り棗www かわゆい!!!

We were having such a fun time meeting a lot of Kai's and people.  When we realized, we hadn't even watched the dog show at all and it was already passed noon.  lol

展覧会そっちのけで 甲斐犬交流を深めていたら もうすでに昼過ぎてたし(笑)

Mato got real tired after the rough play.  Taking a nap for a while.

Mato氏 お疲れモードで知らない間にちょっとお休みモードへ。

Gotta watch it for real now!


These two were barking at each other soooooo much!!


The male kai with the man in green got a first prize.

The other one is a female kai with second prize.



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